Why?! I bet middle-class, well-educated blacks know the feeling. When a ghetto-type marches angrily down the street, his underwear exposed and his countenance imbecilic, they must feel a deep desire to bury themselves deep in the ground there and then, away from the embarrassment.

My life in America is a similar sensation of embarrassment and shame, of turning my blushing face away from the deeds of my tribesmen. What an endless freakshow of grotesque stereotypes! What an unceasing parade of antisemitic tropes, all materializing in the flesh of Wokesteins and social-justice-bergs.

The latest -berg to bring shame upon us Children of Israel is a 27-year-old person named Jann-Michael Greenberg. JMG, some sort of school board official in Scottsdale, AZ, has apparently been constructing a dossier to spy on patriotic parents he dislikes.

Like much of the nation’s public schools, Scottsdale’s schools have not been immune to the creeping influence of Wokery: Gender-bending drag queen storytime, race and privilege “identity charts,” the general excoriation of traditional America, and so forth. And so, many parents who like traditional America, her legacy, and her founding principles, have been mounting protests, as in much of the rest of the country.

Mr. Greenberg, however, wouldn’t have any of it! A true social-justice acolyte, he made the school board collect creepy information about the parents he disagrees with: Property deeds, mortgage details, photos, and even social security numbers. All wrapped within virtual folders titled with epithets such as “Anti-Mask Lunatics” and “Press Conference Psychos.”

Greenberg, it seems, has very little appreciation for his supposed function as an appointed custodian. One who should owe his fealty to the parents whose children’s education he is entrusted with providing. No. Greenberg believes his role is to indoctrinate young Americans with the blasphemy and zeal of his woke faith, regardless of the wishes of parents.

Even more weirdly, Greenberg has sent his father, with whom he cohabitates, to secretly record and photograph the parents whose protests he disliked.

And so, both Greenbergs (or Greenburgs, in a few sources), receive this week’s Jews Behaving Badly Award. And with it, naturally, a good kick in the rear from Balaam’s donkey.

Note: I am only guessing the villain’s origins by his last name. God knows I’ll be delighted to stand corrected.

Scottsdale school board president BUSTED with dossier of ...
“Welcome to your indoctrination session! Resist and I shall send my dad after you!”

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