As part of its endless campaign of militating against the foundations of Anglo-Western civilization, the ADL is displeased with the verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial.

Based on standard evidence law; based on a standard argument for self-defense; based on a standard requirement to prove beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused; and based on standard jury deliberations to adjudicate the case, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty.

Instead of celebrating this triumph of Common Law jurisprudence and the impartiality of the jurors in the face of a media mob, the ADL decided to echo the radical view that the trial has been a “travesty.” Predictably, its reptilian staffers have also decided to stick it to the Proud Boy. An old obsession of the ADL.

This demonstrates once again how ideology blinds the radical to basic notions of justice, fairness, and competency. And since radical Jews are the radicalest, does it make sense to trust your woke Jewish accountant? Your social-justice-obsessed Jewish doctor? Clearly, one shouldn’t trust a Wokery-worshipping Jewish not-for-profit.

In the meantime, the ADL, apparently, is “monitoring” the situation. Well, monitor my ass.

Glory be to Kyle!

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