What’s more annoying than a paranoiac self-victimizing Jew? You guessed it! A paranoiac self-victimizing Jew who is also black.

I’m reminded of the wonderful second Michael Jackson episode on South Park. Jackson, now dead, comes back to life as the thing he had always wished to be: A little white girl. The same is true for deranged woke types, especially woke Jews who find “Jewishness” not conducive to enough victim points. Above all else, they seek to be a black victim.

Well, for the half-black, half-Jewish woke types, the wish is easily granted.

The first such case that has caught my attention is that of Althea Bernstein. Bernstein, by all evidence a woke-interrupted type, had alleged that in June of 2020, buoyed by the Summer of Geoge Floyd, four (!) men had attacked her in Madison, WI. What kind of men? White of course. And they perpetrated their act by pouring lighter fluid on her, then igniting it.

As expected, half-black, half-Jewish Bernstein had indeed received much coverage, with her mildly bruised face granting her victim-celebrity status for at least a whole week. Althea’s star had really risen when Meghan Markle, that half-blood duchess, spoke to her for a whole 40 minutes!

But unfortunately for all concerned, the Madison Police, despite a thorough investigation assisted by the FBI, was not able to corroborate Bernstein’s story. “After an exhaustive probe. Detectives were unable to corroborate or locate evidence consistent with what was reported,” the statement read. They closed the case. It was a hoax.

Next to the stage is the much-publicized case of Jussie Smollett. Smollett, who is half-Jewish through his paternal side (with a “Hirschenson” in his lineage), is the D-lister who made up a completely imbecilic story about two whites, who later turned out to be Nigerians hired by him, who had attacked him, tied a noose around his half-black neck, then screamed in the middle of that redneck city of Chicago, “This is MAGA country!”

The details have always been so idiotic, that clearly Smollett has not inherited any of that high Jewish IQ. The whites ended up being Nigerians (so easily confused!), his payment to them, once busted, was justified by him as “payment for nutritional advice,” etc., etc.

Smollett’s final version, after security cameras and evidence of his payment to the Nigerians was revealed, was something like: “I was taking a 2 AM stroll on a freezing night in Chicago, when suddenly the two Nigerians I had paid for nutritional advice attacked me, wearing MAGA hats, and put a noose around my neck. Despite their being super buff, they only caused light scratches to my homosexual face. Y’all are racists and homophobes for not believing me!”

Unlike in the Althea Bernstein case, here the authorities decided to strike back and press charges against Smollett for fake reporting. Yesterday he lost the case.

In both incidents, alas, we see a highly dysgenic mixing of the races. The paranoia and histrionics are there, but none of the IQ.

There’s a very ugly side to these cases, if I may end with that. Such hoaxes cause obvious and measurable damage in terms of police man-hours. But the greater damage, less easily measured, is that of tarnishing and excoriating the good citizens of America, accusing the good nation of ma and pa of being a horde of lynchers and bigots. Both Bernstein and Smollett have tried to cash in on victim points, at the expense of America’s capital of benevolence and civic peace.

And for that, both shall receive repeated kicks from Balaam’s donkey, settling this week for half-Jews only.

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