A recent Marist poll has Republicans rejoicing. 65% of the Hispanic population now hold Joe Biden in disapproval.


This joins with some conflicting evidence from Virginia’s Gubernatorial exit polls that a majority of Hispanics might have voted for Youngkin, the Republican candidate (conflicting, because the exit polls are inconsistent).

This also joins with the fact that some heavily Hispanic counties in Texas went for Trump in 2020.

Are Hispanics then leaving the Democratic coalition of the intersectional and victimized? Have then suddenly discovered the profound charms of traditional America? That of Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay?

Can Republicans now ditch the immigration issue, since apparently, the newcomers are ready to embrace conservative politics?

Call me a pessimist curmudgeon, but I wouldn’t joyfully bang on my piñata just yet.

Let’s try to unpack these questions.

Are Hispanics leaving the intersectional coalition? Maybe. To an extent. The Democratic Party has clearly become the Black Party. Directed by white liberals from above, and inflamed by the black masses from below, it is fully dedicated to worshipping, kneeling in front of, and praising the BLM cause. It’s all black, blackity, black, black for Democrats. Most Hispanics, needless to say to anybody who actually knows them, don’t care about that.

They detest crime, they don’t see it as a means of self-expression or “racial reckoning,” and wish to live and consume sugary drinks in peace. They don’t appreciate their neighborhoods being burnt. If you don’t believe me, look at this Axios poll. Hispanics care about “racial injustice” more than whites, but far less than blacks.

So it seems that the more black and “woke” the Democrats become, the fewer Hispanics care about their causes. Nothing illustrates this more than a recent poll, revealing that the term “Latinx,” so cherished and beloved by white liberals for its gender neutrality, is actually hated by the vast majority of Hispanics.

This, again, should not come as a surprise to anybody who actually knows Hispanic people beyond the “wise Latina” of the Supreme Court.

So yes, at this point, Hispanic loyalty to the Democratic Party is partially faltering. On to the next question.

Are Hispanics discovering the wonders of traditional America? No way. Maybe in 50 years, but at this point, we are dealing with a largely unassimilated population who in places like California are happy to support bilingual education, and in general, has very little affinity (naturally, why would they?) to the founding values of America.

If your hope is an American restoration of localism, a weak federal bureaucracy, and a “can-do” Anglo-Western spirit, you will have to look elsewhere for the time being. Just wait until the Democrats offer free Fanta for all.

Above all, it is yet unclear where Hispanics fall on the most important question of our generation: The limiting of mass immigration from their own source countries in particular, and the Third World in general. In this poll (page 23 in particular), a majority of Hispanics seem to oppose Trump’s initiative of building a wall along the border with Mexico and increasing deportations. Only 49% support reducing legal immigration. Modest majorities, however, support decreasing refugee resettlement and spending more on border security.

So that brings us to the third question. Should conservatives ditch their immigration restrictionism and concerns about the great replacement? No way, Jose. However, we can be cautiously optimistic. Perhaps we have discovered newfound allies in some of America’s Hispanics, which is a nice bonus.

The course stays the same regardless. Restore traditional America through a stop to mass immigration, a stop to imbecilic foreign interventions, the clearing of Wokery from our institutions, and the rebuilding of our industrial economy. If Hispanics wish to join – ¡Ándale!