Understandably, things look bleak on the Right. Whether the Right may or may not capture the House in November, the Left has complete dominion over the country’s levers of power.

The universities and the entire academic complex belong to the Left. Day and night, they indoctrinate America’s aspiring young minds, churn frenzied anti-American “research”, and provide their leftist allies with court “experts.” Hey, you need an epidemiologist to whitewash BLM’s riots in the midst of a pandemic? We got your back! Do you need legal defense for looting? No problemo!

The federal administration as well is completely under the Left’s control. A true admixture of useless flotsam and corrosive ghouls works incessantly to ever-increase the Left’s hold over the lives of the citizenry: Diversity programs, subsidies to turn suburbs into inner-cities, a hydra of overlapping agencies, and disobedient clerks refusing to implement immigration enforcement.

Against these bastions of leftist power, the academic and public sectors had stood for generations a bulwark of the American enterprising spirit – private business. Alas, Big Business has now gone fully woke. Should your town or county dare to enforce proper voting or ban abortion per the wishes of the community, expect Coca-Cola, Amazon, or Kraft Foods to pull out their business. Shall you seek refuge from the harrowing screeches of the Left’s harpies, Corporate America is not an oasis. Like Furies armed with snakes and torches, the forces of HR and corporate communications roam the halls croaking “Diversity! Equity! Waaa!”

So what remains?

It’s been already commented that electoral politics are the Right’s single hope. However, at least federally, the chances of capturing both the Presidency and Congress, and having the senatorial majority to avoid the filibuster, are very low. Especially in an era of mass mobilization and ballot harvesting that naturally benefit the Left.

From whence, then, cometh our help?

From the states. In the spirit of James Madison, America is still a true federal republic. Yes, we have a powerful federal government, but also a localized layer of powerful and semi-autonomous states. The states are not administrative units in the way France’s departments are. They are, even after the Civil War, legal and economic units capable of administering their own affair to a large degree of independence.

Sadly, state governance has undergone a process of ossification and municipalization. The average state behaves like a sleepy little town, concerned with little issues such as picking up the trash, opening free clinics, and tinkering with sales taxes and income taxes. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Just look at California to see what an ambitious agenda can be accomplished by a state, albeit a blue one: An independent environmental policy, a single-payer healthcare system (in process), the abolishment of standardized testing, bilingual education, the ceasing of petty crime protection, and more!

Now, I disagree with each and every one of California’s policies. They have transformed America’s Eden into a fecalized hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh. However, the state stands as an impressive example of the power invested in state governance when it’s accompanied by zeal and gumption.

Why should red states not do the same? The electoral majorities are already there. It is time to disturb the little dragons from their sleep and force the provincial lawyers who serve as our representatives to begin acting like men. Why should Indiana’s flagship university teach gender studies? Why should South Dakota allow its businesses to mandate diversity programs?

Instead, every red state should pursue a holy bundle:

  1. Death to DIE: Corporations mandating “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (DIE) programs should not be allowed to do business with any agency of the state. No contracts, no supply provision, no consulting. Employees forced into humiliating racialized training should be offered legal redress and be entitled to compensation on account of a hostile work environment.
  2. Choke the Woke: Why exactly is there a gender studies program at Indiana Univresity? Why does Mizzou employ diversity deans? Clearly, the citizenry of these states oppose such rampant wokery. Yet out of inertia, neglect and impotence a hostile academic establishment continues to thrive, even in red states. Put a stop to it. State universities are funded by the taxpayers of the states. Funding for diversity programs, gender studies, and any form of education hostile to traditional America should cease. Rinse and repeat for public high schools.
  3. Delegalize Illegals: Unfortunately, states cannot do much to affect legal immigration. They can, however, reject the settlement of Third-World refugees and illegal immigrants within their territories. All red states should enforce e-Verify rules and make cash offers to illegals to simply go elsewhere.

Does it sound too rosy? Think again. The incredible Phyllis Schlafly had gone state by state to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment. She was successful. Florida is already in the process of passing a Stop WOKE Act (addressing mostly bullet #1 on my list). As my military commander used to say, wonderful things can happen when you pull the finger out of your ass.

Be like He-Man, “Magical secrets were revealed to me the day I pulled the finger out of my ass!”

And so, conservatives must press their representatives to extract the deeply inserted digits out of their recta and to begin acting like men. If they can’t, they should be replaced. This is a LOW HANGING fruit, the citizenry of red states already supports this.

Think about it: About 25 states can easily pass such laws, forming a woke-free zone of the Heartland and the South. Thanks to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, such remedies are indeed possible.

The Redwood Guardian: Red State, Blue State? Not really ...
There’s a lot of red out there.

P.S. And limit abortions too.

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