Kill me, but I can’t remember the source of the reference. “If I get paid for sex, am I a prostitute?” First, the answer is “Yes,” and second, if you recall the source, you’ll receive five shekels from me (maybe it’s that Yentl song?)

Anyhow, I was reminded of that profound existential inquiry while perusing Twitter and engaging in a few fleeting debates. You know, between working out and walking the dog. Several of the Twitteratti had pledge allegiance to BLM, to precepts of “social justice,” and to mass immigration Emma Lazarus style, yet claimed to be American patriots.

Mommy, Do I Hate America?

Well, as in the case of the introspective prostitute, here is why the answer is an emphatic “Yes.” If you pledge allegiance to progressive notions of “social justice,” yes, you hate America.

Black Lives

Let’s begin with the case of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Isn’t it the most American thing in the world to appreciate the rights to life, liberty, and property for all, including black citizens?

Well, yes, but you and I know that’s not what you mean by invoking the defiant raised fist of BLM. It is a cry of resentment. Resentment and accusation. The accused is America, and she is falsely accused of:

  1. Killing innocent blacks en masse.
  2. Killing innocent blacks disproportionately.
  3. The above due to America’s incorrigible form and substance of “system racism.”
  4. If you deny this, you are a “Racist! Waaa!”

So yes, if you excoriate America, and falsely so, as a hellhole where blacks are gunned down systemically, you hate America.

Social Justice

Isn’t it an expression of fraternal benevolence to call for fairness and justice for all? What on earth could be wrong with that? Well, bubbeleh, we both know what you mean by “social justice.” Those invoking the term do so in accusation and defiance. They call for:

  1. Privileges for blacks, such as reparations.
  2. Primacy for blacks in college admissions, healthcare distribution, and hiring.
  3. The undoing of America’s “colonialist” monuments, art, and heritage.
  4. Once more, in the name of America’s indictment as “systemically racist.”

Diversity is Our Strength!

I wrote about it elsewhere, but preaching “diversity,” alas, also renders one an America-hater. Because what does the term presume, in its current accursed interpretation?

  1. That whites are “over-represented” in meaningful positions.
  2. That merit should be abolished in favor of racial quotas.
  3. That whites and traditional America are to be punished through dilution, mass immigration, and hiring limitations.
  4. Obviously, due to… systemic racism.

And so you see, my child, just as she who charges for bestowing her charms is indeed, apriori, a prostitute, he who invokes social justice is nothing else but a hater of America.

Was this my inspiration?

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