Man, what is it about Jewish lesbians? It’s a triple whammy: The wokery of Jews, the wokery of women, and the wokery of homosexuals. This week’s Sapphic insanity belongs to Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Often at this point I would translate stuff from Latin about harpies and furies and Stygian beasts, but sometimes a picture is indeed a thousand words:

There she is: All about Covidianism, all about BLM, all about the cult of St. George.

Despite being Jewish, Weingarten is the complete opposite of Janusz Korczak, the magnificent teacher who could have saved himself, yet jumped into the gas chambers after his students.

Weingarten is quite another character: At any given opportunity where minor risks to teachers are weighed against the benefit to students, she chooses the former. Her choice is ever to close down schools, shut down education, and cater to the baseless fears of her hysterical union members. For instance, here.

But that’s nothing new. What is new is that Weingarten now promotes, as the official policy of the AFT, that all its members and their students receive online information through the lens of something called “NewsGuard”. Apparantly it is a browser plug-in that uses a traffic light feature to indicate what information is kosher and what is not. Or in the words of the AFT:

“For years, educators have fought battles against suspect sourcing, with their students often misled by dubious outlets and spam sites posing as “news.” NewsGuard offers a practical solution, alerting students and educators to those sites while also providing a valuable lesson in media literacy.”

Now, we know how to read through these leftist platitudes, don’t we folks? “Spam” here clearly means conservative and right-leaning information, and “media literacy” means Wokery. And indeed, a study by the Media Research Center demonstrates NewGuard to be heavily biased against right-leaning websites.

So not only is Weingarten not willing to jump after the children to the bitter end, she insists on indoctrinating them first.

And thus she wins this week’s Jews Bevaving Badly Award, and with it a generous kick from Balaam’s donkey.

How very educational.

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