In a country now swelling with one-third of a billion people, anything can, and will, happen statistically. Indeed, we are a land of endless opportunities. All one needs to do is wish upon a star, wait, and eventually, the odds are in one’s favor.

And so last weekend it finally happened! An antisemitic rally! In a red state! Woohoo! When blacks play the knockout game with religious Jews, it’s a bit uncomfortable. When Muslims beat Jews up, scream at Jewish diners, and even attempt to shoot them, we don’t really know how to react. “What does ‘social justice’ say about that?”

But finally! It’s here! Big, bad, and SUPER WHITE people have rallied against God’s chosen people! Start your engines, everybody! At last, an opportunity for the dispersed Jewish world to unite!

As one legion, the, Ultra-Orthodox media, non-Zionist Jews, have all clamored together to denounce the wretched throng of street-corner protesters. Oh, the joys of brothers sitting together.

But you know, not so fast.

First, Jews should be grateful that a minor rally attended by what seems like less than ten individuals results in such wall-to-wall condemnation. Mayors, state representatives, congressmen, and senators have all swiftly condemned the unpleasant affair.

This is a highly privileged position of victimhood and grievance, of course. The thousands of annual victims of black violence, and especially the white ones plucked before their time, receive no such media coverage and the attention of nobody of import. Rest in peace, Cannon Hinnant. If only you were black, strange women with purple hair would tattoo your face on their backs.  

In fact, amidst the tunes of bitter condemnation, America’s Jews should be contributing a dulcet anthem of thanksgiving: Blessed be the land where such minor incursions against them reverberate so widely and so out of every sensible proportion.

Second, and more importantly, I detect the old deceitful face of hypocrisy amongst the collective clutching of Jewish pearls. Aren’t many of the Jews now shouting “Antisemites!” in a self-comforting unison really guilty of the same crime of ethnic agitation?

Of course, they are. How many Jewish organizations have supported BLM’s summer of “firey but peaceful” love (answer: about 70%)? How many Jews have participated in BLM rallies, excoriating traditional America as racist, sexist and privileged while rejoicing in the defacement of its monuments? Answer: More than a few randos in Florida.

Alas, many Jews are themselves guilty of participating in anti-ethnic agitation of the lowest kind. Against whites and traditional Americans.

Behind the guise of “social justice” and the broken Hebrew of those worshipping Tikkun Olam, there is nothing but resentment towards the settled people of America. What are defiant screeches against undeserved “privilege” and “systemic racism” if not calls to undo Anglo-Western America? What is the cult of “social justice” if not what the late Roger Scruton had named a “cult of repudiation,” an obsession to undo the ties that bind a settled people? And finally, what is the BLM fist if not a collective accusation against traditional America? A violent signal to delegitimize the land of Paul Revere and Patrick Henry, take it away from its inhabitants, and replace it with a coalition of the aggrieved.

Isn’t the BLM fist then as bad as a swastika? Simply put, it stands for agitation against whites, and the swastika stands for agitation against Jews. As the sages of old have taught us: Prior to accusing others of having a splinter stuck between their eyes, look in the mirror and remove the beam projecting from between your own eyes.

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