If you have leftist friends, and being a Jewish management consultant I have plenty of those, you might have noticed many ironies.

There’s the Mrs. Jellyby irony, of deeply caring about abstract and remote causes such as “immigrants” or “the planet” but never knowing the names of their neighbors, let alone volunteer in their communities.

There’s the obsession with the “environment” amongst those who have never pitched a camping tent in their lives, or held onto a fishing rod.

There’s the compulsory genuflection in front of the idols of “equity,” so common among liberals who are otherwise completely obsessed with status and prestige – ready to fight tooth and nail for a chance to place little Parker at Duke or Brown.

And then there’s the bizarre Jesus Complex that seems to inflict white leftist atheists the most. This is inspired by the immortal line from O Holy Night: “Long lay the world in sin and error pining, till he appeared and the soul felt its worth.”

Let’s dig into that last one a bit. For the average liberal the world had been laying in sin and depravity, until at least the reign of Barack Obama, only to be reversed back to sin under Donald Trump, then to emerge back into a bliss of social justice with Joe Biden, but not in complete triumph, for the devil of the Right is continuously threatening to throw us back into “literally Jim Crow!”

The atheists of the Left nonetheless see themselves and their representatives as Christ, as saviors before whom only depravity had existed.

This irony gets interesting. Bear with me. Most leftists know they are not really Christ (those not within the asylum, at least), so to elevate themselves they must downgrade others. To be saviors they must accuse the world, and America specifically, of incorrigible sins. Sins only their voting and ideas can cure. Lacking the divine powers to bring about utopia, they can at least accuse America of being a dystopia.

This is why we hear that unless we allow for universal mail voting, we shall all continue to live under the yoke of the Confederacy! Unless we allow abortions on demand, we are enslaving the bodies of women! Unless we splurge $3T, life on earth will end in 2028! And every opponent to the above is literally Hitler!

Needless to say, this is all hogwash. With or without voting by mail, with or without mandating the use of an ID to vote, America shall remain a democracy. Abortion, whether you support it or not, is not the end-all-be-all of women’s rights (whatever that phrase means since our Constitution is sex-neutral anyhow).

It goes something like this:

The ugly part is obviously step number three: Invent dystopia. This is where in lieu of virtue, the leftist accuses others of vice. This is where the Left attempts to disinherit Americans from their mighty legacy. Hence the excoriation of America, the trashing of its monuments, the accusation of its good people as “racists, sexists, waaa!”

This is also where the Left attempts to enforce mass amnesia.

We must be made to forget that for at least a millennia women have had full property rights under the common law, that our constitution grants the Bill of Rights to all real genders (even imaginary ones! You may not recognize the gender of a he/she/they but you still can’t rob him/her/them!), and that women have always been equal before the law in America.

We must also be made to forget the Civil War, how the brave men of this country, uniquely in the history of mankind, have paid with their blood to put an end to slavery.

Above all, we must be made to forget that this used to be a high trust, low-crime, functional, and high achieving country. “No, it’s not our policies of self-hate, mass immigration, and profligacy that have downgraded us to a hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh! It’s always been this way, and if anything, it’s ‘systemic racism! Shut up, bigot!'”

But we remember. Be proud of your ancestors, boys. Do not drink the Lethean cup of forgetfulness and be lost forever in the Left’s horrid underworld.