Hey, the acronym fits so it must be true. But more seriously, the basic set of assumptions behind the Black Lives Matter movement is complete deceit and shameful accusation.

What does BLM stand for? That blacks are gunned down disproportionately by the police and specifically by whites. As most conservatives know, but it’s worth repeating endlessly, this claim is simply not true.

Using the Washington Post’s own database, let’s look at some figures.

In 2019, blacks were (as they are now), about 13% of the population.

Overall that year, we had 54 police killings of unarmed civilians.

12 of the dead were black.

OK, so hardly an epidemic of killing blacks. 12 in a country of one-third of a billion people is not even a statistical blip. But fine, every life is to be mourned, so let’s continue.

12 out of 54, that’s 22%. Hey, blacks are only 13% of the population, that’s systemic racism!

Well, not so fast, Sparkey.

Clearly, the police do not randomly sample the population but engage with people where crime and criminals are present.

So let’s look at the FBI’s crime data for the same year, 2019. Basic math reveals that 56% of all homicides were committed by blacks. So if anything, blacks who commit 56% of all murders yet are only 13% of the population are under-represented in police killings. Even more so, blacks are 8.2 times more likely than non-blacks to commit murder. The fact that the police shoot blacks at the very low rate of 22% demonstrates impeccable restraint.

Now, none of the above should be news to any conservative, I’m only including it for the sake of the occasional lost soul visiting this website, and as a prologue to my main argument.

The BLM assumption then is a complete lie. Blacks are not gunned down indiscriminately by the police. But the BLM fist of defiance is not simply an academic argument inviting us to engage in arithmetics, but an accusation. It is a moral denouncement. The movement accuses whites of murdering blacks. White America, in its peaceful churches under the endless skies of the Midwest and amongst the golden cornfields of the prairies, is accused of murdering blacks. Of craving black blood for sport out of bigotry and hate.

Well, this is the textbook definition of a blood libel. The original one was fabricated in the middle ages against the Jews of Germany and Eastern Europe. It was promulgated then that it was Jewish custom to murder Christian children for the use of their blood in making matzo bread for Passover (my preference is Hindu blood, it adds a certain zing, but never mind). A version of that blood libel is found in The Canterbury Tales: Chaucer tells us how the “cursed folk of new Herods” decapitate a Christian boy whose head nonetheless continues to miraculously sing “Hail Mary!”

The same shameful tradition of blood libel accusations is now continued by the BLM movement and America’s Left. They senselessly accuse the good people of America, the most open society on earth, of mass slaughtering blacks.

Yet unfortunately for them, we see through the ugliness and distaste. Just as the libelers in Europe were the ones to actually commit mass killing through pogroms, so the libelers in America, blacks and their storm-shocks of Antifa thugs, are the ones committing the majority of killings.

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