I’ve been avoiding commenting about Vladimir Zelensky much. First, regarding the Ukraine question, or all other questions really, I’m only occupied by the American interest, not the interest of other countries. And from an American perspective, where our interest is to stay the hell out of this conflict, I believe Zelensky, through his Zoom-HR-call PR campaign, is doing us a disservice.

Second, the guy is just too weird. Prior to becoming President, he had pursued a career similar to that of Martin Lawrence’s – a vertically challenged crass comedian who likes to take off his clothes on stage and occasionally dress up as a woman.

Here he is as a Beyonce-like transvestite:

And here he is playing the piano with his penis:

It’s not even a clever Monty Python sort of humor (I wouldn’t mind nominating John Cleese World Emperor), it’s a drunk uncle making armpit sounds at a bar mitzvah kind of material.

So really, I feel that commenting seriously about Zelensky is a setup – like Kyle falling for one of Cartman’s elaborate pranks. A case in point is when Cartman spent weeks pretending his hand to be Jennifer Lopez, just for mocking an embarrassed Kyle once he had finally fallen for it. I seriously suspect that if I took Zelensky seriously, Eric Cartman would show up, ridiculing me with a “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I made you eat your parents!”

So while I don’t disagree with Moishe’s analysis, I intend to continue my benign neglect of Zelensky.

I do want to offer a somber perspective as a side bonus: Ukraine cannot win here, even if it’s not defeated. In fact, it has lost already. Even if Russia fails in its slow takeover, Ukraine is doomed to be sunk in destruction, debt, and damages that will take decades to restore. Sure, the West may fork out a few billions, but Ukraine’s damages are in the trillions.

And so, the wisest thing for Ukraine to do, which all nations should encourage it to, is to negotiate in good faith: Let go of NATO, let go of the EU, cede territory to Russia. But Zelensky CANNOT negotiate in good faith even if he wanted to. Can you imagine the uproar amongst ethnic Ukrainians about the conspiracy of Jews that sold them out?

Zelensky is trapped. He cannot win, but can also not surrender. And he is trapping Ukraine with him. This is why Jews (and minorities in general) should avoid leading non-Jewish countries, and why Zelensky should resign.