We wrote here before, paraphrasing Virgil, about the unfortunately common archetype of the Fury-like leftist Jewess. “O, virgin Goddess of eternal night!”

Happily, there occasionally appears an inverse type: The sharp-as-a-whip, wise and virtuous Jewess. (SAAWWAVJ). My two grandmothers were such characters, hardened by lives of struggle and survival; Ayn Rand was another; Golda Meir another; and recently we were granted the example of Professor Amy Wax from the University of Pennsylvania.

Don’t mess with Professor Wax! I’ve been following her career for a few years now. A law professor cum neurologist, Wax had managed a relatively benign career passing through rarefied institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Oxford, UVA, and UPenn, where she is now a tenured professor.

Yet benign has turned benighted when in 2015 she penned an Op-Ed in Philly.com where she claimed that preserving bourgeois values such as self-control, hard work, and excellence was a good idea. In came the petitions to fire her, the demonstrations from students, and the accusations of… racism!

Perhaps Wax had been enjoying the excitement of controversy because she hadn’t kept quiet at all. A few years into it, speaking about affirmative action, she admitted to Glenn Loury that placing incapable students in elite universities doesn’t work. Rarely, she said, do black students graduate at the top of the difficult classes she teaches.

The response? You guessed right! More petitions, more colleagues calling for her firing, more hate-mail, you know the drill.

Last week Wax was honored with the laurels of an appearance on Tucker Carlson Today. She was as magnificent as ever. The highlight was her critique of the importation of a hostile elite, a topic we wrote about in the past. You can watch the full clip here, but paraphrasing, she pointed to the odd phenomenon of Eastern and Southern Asians, many of whom are fresh off the boat, landing in America, then leading hostile “anti-racism” programs. Putting it as crudely as possible, she wondered why immigrants from so-called “shithole” countries find it necessary to dump on the generous home that opens itself to them.

“A woman was the leader of the deed,” Virgils tells us about Dido, which has since become a way by which to honor great women. And so, Professor Amy Wax has been the leader of the deed of speaking honestly, despite the imbecilic campaigns against her, and with full confidence in her abilities.

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Affirmative action will not get you an ‘A’ in this class.

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