We, Americans who wish to not live in a third-world hellhole, are in for interesting times. If drastic changes are not made to immigration policy, in 10-15 years America’s path to becoming a hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh will be certain.

Culturally, this means that this will not be an Anglo-Western country anymore. For the first time in our history, we will be severed permanently from our Anglo-Saxon origins, indeed from our European origins, and become something akin to Brazil.

Homer, Bach, Burke, and Hugo? Clean streets, functional commonwealths? Leave those to Switzerland and Austria. Our lot will be that of twerking and favelas, of narco-rap and mobs.

Electorally, this will be accomplished once Florida and Texas permanently flip. These two heavily Latinized states, despite some success in assimilation, will eventually obey the rules of electoral demographics. In both, the hordes of twerking illiterates will join the coalition of the aggrieved and put Anglo-America out of business.

Yet Hope Remains

Yet many Americans, white or otherwise, may not wish to live in a third-world fecalized society of chaos, dysfunction, low trust, and corruption. In fact, about 120-150 million Americans, white, black, or otherwise, may feel strongly in favor of preserving their Anglo-Western lifestyle and country.

Beyond the tipping point, America as a whole may indeed be beyond preservation. But through insulation, separation, and secession, traditional America can still stand.

A Tale of Two Secessions

In the last couple of years, I have encountered two thoughtful and exciting models for secession. Meaning, two visions for the carving of a traditional Anglo-Western polity out of the ruins of a mongrelized America.

One, in fiction form, is Victoria – A Novel of 4th Generation Warfare by Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes is the pen-name of military strategy expert William S. Lind.

The other vision, in a more analytical form, is laid out in Restoring America by astrophysicist (and well-behaving Jew!) Dr. Michael Hart.


In Victoria, a talented Marine, forced to resign due to too much DEI, becomes the leader of a Northeastern Yankee confederation of secessionist former-states. It is a highly entertaining novel, filled with humor, exciting military tactics, and an element of cruelty a-la Game of Thrones. They actually burn at the stake (humanely!) a lesbo-feminist Episcopalian priestess.

For our purposes here, Victoria presents a regional secessionist model. America, collapsing under the weight of its mobbish dysfunction, simply breaks apart. Out of the ashes, several traditionalist entities emerge, such as the South, the Northeast, and elements of the heartland.

The secession is not peaceful. Legacy America attempts to force the renegade regions back into its fold, at least initially. Fighting ensues.

Restoring America

Here Dr. Hart suggests a model by which America splits into two: Legacy America and the American Federal Republic, or the AFR.

Hart’s innovation, unlike previous attempts at division which are typically imagined along state lines, is that he makes his split by county. Just like in image processing algorithms, with which Dr. Hart must be familiar, each county serves as a pixel. That allows for finer processing and avoids the crude averaging forced by division at the state level – Why should New York be blue if most of its regions are red? Why should all of Georgia be red if Atlanta is blue?

The end result looks something like this:

If you then allow for some border corrections on account of viability, and the desire of restorationists to not share a border with Mexico, you end up with this:

Legacy America then remains a bi-coastal (plus enclaves such as Chicago) hyper-diverse entity of about 200 million residents (legal or illegal, they don’t care!), filled with intersectional grievance groups and their corporate overlords. The AFR, by contrast, emerges as a traditional entity of about 130 million citizens, 80% of whom are white, spanning across the heartland, the South, and the intermountain land mass.

In Hart’s scenario, such secession is mostly peaceful, the result of a national movement with strong county-by-county representation.

Whose Dream Reigns Supreme?

I think it is natural to prefer Dr. Hart’s vision as the ideal. In this case, a secession is accomplished peacefully and results in two mighty, strong, and friendly nations. It is definitely something to aspire to!

Is it likely though? I am not too sure. It is hard to see America’s Left and establishment, despite their unrelenting resentment towards traditional America, agree to peacefully relinquish 80% of America’s territory. Where will BlackRock buy farmland and houses?

Also, even if a split is initially peaceful, will it remain so? Once the hyper-diverse nation of the coasts brings itself to bankruptcy, whom will they blame? At whom will the DEI hordes aim their mightly vestigial arsenal? And once aggression begins, can the AFR properly defend itself? A territory of plains and great river basins, like Ukraine, is difficult to defend. Not impossible, but he who controls the mountain ranges will control America.

And so, perhaps something more akin to Hobbes’s vision, despite its fictionalized presentation, is more likely.

In either case, it is worth remembering that no matter the political dysfunction of the future, there are at least 150 million Americans who wish to restore and preserve their traditional homeland.

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