I have not yet watched “2000 Mules.” My mother is visiting and the TV is constantly monopolized by the unwatchable Bridgerton. But nonetheless, a recent debate with a friend compelled me to summarize my views regarding the 2020 elections.

So what happened?

Perverted Mobilization

The data show all sorts of interesting anomalies in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. A detailed listing can be found here and in Peter Navarro‘s report. To spare you the spaghetti brain, let’s summarize the relevant anomalies here:

  1. Extremely high turnout percentages in key urban counties.
  2. Overperformance for Biden over Obama’s 2012 campaign in the same urban counties, while there was underperformance in other places.
  3. Very low levels (by comparison to previous election cycles) of mail-in ballot rejection.

It’s important to stress that these strange anomalies are not necessarily illegal. As Navarro’s report details many states had updated their election rules in preparation for the 2020 elections appealing to Covid-19 as a justification. Specifically, contested states made it easier to:

  1. Vote by mail, even without proof of permanent confinement to one’s home.
  2. Register to vote on the day of the election, rather than in advance.
  3. Hand one’s ballot to somebody else, even if not a family member, to deliver to a poll.
  4. Vote without a state-issued ID, proper signature matching, and the ability to correct mistakes (“curing” one’s ballot).

So we basically experienced an increase in mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and absentee voting, and a decrease in the verification requirements of such forms of voting.

Source: Peter Navarro’s 2020 Report

Again, perhaps it was all legal, especially given the rule changes detailed above. And so, technically this may not amount to fraud in the strictest of terms (although we may never know, as Texas’s lawsuit against the states listed above was rejected for no-standing by the Supreme Court).

Certainly, however, in a more profound sense, the shenanigans described here represent a complete debasement of the American republic and its traditional political system. More specifically, they represent a subversion of republicanism into a mobilized democracy.

Since time immemorial, the meaning of voting in a republic is a serene process by which the citizen, a custodian and defender of the common good, adjudicates thoughtfully the options at hand, and chooses accordingly. The debasement and corruption of that reality is the process by which mobs are conscripted and mobilized to vote en masse, as blocs and imbecilic swarms, not as citizens.

Converting the serene adjudication of the voting process into no-effort brainless signaling, by which the voter simply responds to a knock on the door, is not democracy. Requiring the voter to do nothing beyond signing a form with an “X” like Dumbo’s mother, then passing it on to a harvesting drone, is akin to the dismantlement of the republic.

There is no doubt that that is what the left did in 2020.

Perverted Media Activism

A complementing aspect to the debasement of the voting process was the debasement of media coverage. In what may be referred to as “post-journalistic activism,” the American media, including America’s tech giants, converted themselves into a propaganda arm in the service of the Trump-hating BLM obsessed, George Floyd commemorating Left. Critical stories, such as the corruption identified through the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop, were completely buried and suppressed. Twitter, Facebook, cable news, and prestige journalism have either ignored the story completely or incuriously blamed it on the perpetual boogeyman of “Russian collusion.”

Given the small margin of Biden’s victory in a few key states, it is easy to imagine the effect a scandal, splashed all over the media, might have had. But America’s journo-activists, in an absolute debasement of their age-old professional standards, had buried the story completely.

Righteous Conclusion

And so, yes, clearly the 2020 presidential election stank. An unprecedented pincer movement of media mobilization and corrupt voter mobilization has allowed the Left to substantially tilt the result in their favor.

For what it’s worth, such shenanigans are highly uncommon, even non-existent, in other developed nations. In my home country of Israel, there is no “early voting.” There is also no mail-in voting or absentee voting. To vote, one has to go to a polling station, having registered in advance, then identify oneself using a government-issued ID. Suggesting this somehow amounts to “voter suppression” would be preposterous.

The Canadian, British, Danish, and Swiss systems are also similar. Only in America, somehow, the debasement and unverifiability of the voting process have become a rallying cry.

Perhaps this is not surprising. Uniquely in the West, America has a massive cohort of half-illiterate and easy to agitate voters. A swirling low-information horde of mostly inner-city residents. Denmark, where such voters simply do not exist, feels no pressure to agitate and mobilize its voters. In America, the benefit is immediate and real.

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