Non-binary she/them folx inspired by the Manifesto, and wish to start somewhere, can bookmark this page and come back to it occasionally.

Our goal is to mock and ridicule and Jewish Left, to make them radioactive. Like all good debates, this is done for the audience. Have no hopes of persuading a frenzied harpy. But fellow travelers are watching. The idea is to make Jews, especially young ones, see the diversity and equity Baal worshipping Jewish left as completely lame.

So a good place to begin is with Twitter trolling. Assemble a few good memes and one-liners. Get creative! And target leftist organizations and personae.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

OrganizationTwitter Page
Jewish Community ActionJewish Community Action (@JCA_MN) / Twitter
Anti Defamation Leaguehttps://twitter.com/ADL
HillelHillel (@HillelIntl) / Twitter
Hebrew Union Collegehttps://twitter.com/HUCJIR
Reform Judaism Unionhttps://twitter.com/ReformJudaism
Reform Action Committeehttps://twitter.com/theRAC
B’nai Brith CanadaB’nai Brith Canada (@bnaibrithcanada) / Twitter
Jewish Federations of North Americahttps://twitter.com/jfederations
Jewish Women Internationalhttps://twitter.com/JewishWomenIntl
National Council of Jewish Womenhttps://twitter.com/NCJW
T’ruah Rabbishttps://twitter.com/truahrabbis
Rabbinical Assemblyhttps://twitter.com/RabbiAssembly
Jewish Democratic Women for Actionhttps://twitter.com/JewishDemWomen
Jewish Democratic Councilhttps://twitter.com/USJewishDems
New Israel Fundhttps://twitter.com/NewIsraelFund
J Streethttps://twitter.com/jstreetdotorg
Jews for Racial and Economic Justicehttps://twitter.com/JFREJNYC
Jewish Currentshttps://twitter.com/JewishCurrents
Jewish Solidarity Caucushttps://twitter.com/solid_jews
Bend the Archttps://twitter.com/bend_thearc
HIAS (mass immigration support)https://twitter.com/HIASrefugees
Uri L’Tzedek (“Social Justice” nonsense)https://twitter.com/uriltzedek
Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR)https://twitter.com/ReformRabbis
Reconstructing Judaismhttps://twitter.com/ReconJudaism

As a healthy morning exercise, while drinking your three espressos or riding the train downtown, I recommend responding to, and trolling, about five of these. Their donors and frenzied minds compel them to post new blasphemies on a daily basis: diversity this, equity that, a little race here, some gender and transsexualism there.

Advice: Do it as Jews. Otherwise, your efforts will be immediately filed under generic “antisemitism.” Make sure your perspective clearly comes from within Judaism, not from outside of it. This can be accomplished by either the content of your posts or even simply your screen name.

Personally, I’m not concerned about any of these organizations’ views of Israel. Quite often, as a hook for drawing in unwitting Jews, they’ll be supportive of Israel, then dunk on America’s “systemic racism.” Israel can take care of itself and has no need for corrosive agitators to support it.

Godspeed! And may our camp be holy.

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