As Horace had commented immortally, “Oy vey! The years are lapsing, fleeting away!” It is now the second Passover since the founding of this website (2 ab pagina condita), and therefore a time for celebration. Or in the spirit of Passover – a time for clear aims and a glorious promised-land destination.

A time for a manifesto! We are a voice crying in the wilderness here, but a voice loud and clear.

What Is Our Goal?

As decent Jews who are daily mortified by the behavior of American Jews, we seek to drastically minimize the radicalism and leftism of Jews in America.

What Is the Issue?

First the facts: America’s Jews are only 2.5% of America’s population, yet leftist Jews cause immeasurable mischief. Based on Pew’s research, about 70% of American Jews vote for the Left. Not only that, a majority are hard-core leftists: 50% call themselves “liberals,” and 60% define dedication to “social justice” as essential to their Jewish identity.

Organized Jewry is almost monolithically a leftist propaganda machine. 57% of major Jewish organizations promote BLM, mass immigration, and the “diversity” agenda, while 19% more promote these accursed aims only partially.

To minimize the issue, some may argue that despite the raging leftism and constant corrosive agitation against historic America, this does not amount to much – Jews are only 2.5% of the population.

However, due to Jews’ undeniable talents, we punch substantially above our weight. The same drive to excel and the same astonishing success that brought Jews the laurels of 25% of worldwide Fields Medals and 40% of the world’s Nobels in economics, can also be applied towards much mischief. Leftist Jews comprise a whopping 25%-30% of the Biden administration. Jewish billionaires are amongst the most ardent promoters of leftism in American economic life. And not just billionaires, liberal Jews provide 50% of all donations to the Democratic Party.

A quick glance at the rosters of the propaganda flagships of the Left, the New York Times and the Washington Post, reveals something akin to a sitting arrangement at a Bar Mitzvah.

Also, considering the makeup of the coalition of the Left, a monolithic bloc of 2.5% is highly influential. The Left’s coalition is a kind of head of the nation’s 15% ultra-liberal whites, with a tail of the nation’s 35-40% easily mobilized minorities. That means that Jews comprise a whole sixth of the Left’s commanding cadre, well beyond their otherwise minuscule share of the general population.

Why Should You Care?

As an American, you should care because the ultimate goal of the contemporary Left is to destroy traditional America. If you wish to conserve the legacy of America and its being as an Anglo-Western polity, not a hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh, patriotism commands that you care.

As a Jew, you should double-care. Or even triple-care. As a descendant of the mighty Maccabees, this is a question of honor. And also of reputation: You may see yourself as separate from the unholy flock of Semitic harpies and goblins, but the wide world sees you as a member of the same tribe. How long before patients stop frequenting your medical practice, assuming by your “-stein” appellation that you only offer “woke” and racialized treatment? How long before readers skip your articles? Before clients pass over your law services, assuming you’re a horrid social-justice Fury? It’s a classic case of the Trotskys and the Bronsteins – your role in it is unavoidable.

It is also your duty to care. If you don’t put a stop to the shenanigans of leftist Jews, who will? Organized Jewry is swift and cruel in its wrath to feather and tar its opponents as bigots and antisemites. But you are uniquely immune. In the wise words of Galadriel, this task was appointed to you, Frodo-berg.

What Should You Do?

Within the confines of law and decency, and your appetite for risk, there is much you can do. To the best of your ability, this amounts to constantly dunking on the Jewish Left. Humiliate them, isolate them, make them radioactive. Chase them out of town never to come back.

Use every forum within the limits of your risk-taking: Social media, LinkedIn, work, volunteer organizations, the dog park. Mock the Wokesteins like there is no tomorrow. Persuade your rabbis to publicly excommunicate them.

And therefore shall thy camp be holy.

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