In a derivative of a derivative of a derivative, Biden has decided to now remind us that five months ago he made lynching illegal.

Lynching is bad, so thanks, Biden! But hold on, was lynching ever legal in America? And so recently as five months ago! Wow, I guess I missed all the feathering and tarring fun!

Unless one is seriously at the very bottom of the IQ scale, or a die-hard liberal (really, it’s the same thing), it should be obvious that lynching has NEVER been legal in America. Ever. Even when the occasional lynch had indeed happened (mostly against an assortment of whites, by the way), it was an illegal thing to commit. A crime.

The whole notion of having a system of laws means that administering justice outside the law is illegal. The whole notion of not being allowed to murder people also means that murdering them as a “lynch” is illegal. Lynching, in fact, has never been legal at any point of our Anglo-Western tradition – since the very dawn of the tribal moots in clearings of the thick Germanic forest, under the leaded skies of Northern Europe, where the common law was born.

So why the PR stunt?

It’s a classic savior and year-zero stunt. “Long lay the world in sin and error pining till HE appeared.”

The Left is on a march to demonize, erase, and deform out of recognition, the history and legacy of America. We are now compelled to believe that until the great dawn of Wokery and progressivism, America had been a fetid mound of excrement suffused with racism, cruelty, and unspeakable acts of crime and viciousness.

The Left does it constantly. Think about the fight for “women’s rights.” Have women ever had no rights in America? Do they have no rights now? The Constitution is sex-neutral. The common law is mostly sex-neutral. Since the very beginnings of our civilization, it has been illegal to steal from women, kill women, force them into marriage, rape them, etc. Yet the left wishes us to believe that until Obama ascended to the Presidency, we had been a Yemen-like reality of child brides, forced face-covers, and female genital mutilation (actually, we do have THAT now in America, thanks to immigration from Yemen, but you can thank the Left for that).

What about activism for “minority rights?” Slavery and Segregation ended long ago. And outside of blacks and non-citizens, what “minorities” have ever had any rights denied? The Constitution is ethnicity-neutral. This too goes back centuries and even millennia. The common law, rather uniquely, has almost always applied equally to all British subjects.

Again, the Left wishes us to believe they are the single savior without which utopia will never come, and until whose coming all shall remain dark and meaningless.

The opposite is the truth. Darkness is NOW, under the Left’s ghoul-like reign. The glory of this nation lies in its past, not in its demented present of activists determined to dismantle traditional America and dispossess Americans of their legacy. America, and in a broader context the Anglo-Saxon civilization to which she belongs, is the most splendid civilization the world has ever seen. It is the force, together with the Victorian Empire, that has ended slavery – both white slavery and colored slavery – worldwide.

The monuments the frenzied Left is obsessed with defacing represent a sublime artistic style, where past, present, and future contend with one another in an eternal, even if sometimes conflicted, conversation.

Fairness and equality before the law are rooted deeply in our legacy of one thousand years of Anglo-Saxonism. These are the very emblems of our system, not the forced pseudo-intellectual grotesques of the liberal agenda of “equity” and “diversity.”

This is not the year zero and Biden and his Nazgul are certainly not our saviors. Hold the line and dismiss the bloating toad of their croaking propaganda.

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