I noted before that there is nothing like a Jewish conservative woman. When Jewish women become (or remain) conservative, everything is aligned. You see, a Jewish woman is a survival machine. Judaism is matrilineal, which means that the survival of Jews through centuries of hardship, without vanishing, is completely a function of the survival of Jewish women.

They are GEARED towards the preservation of home, hearth, faith, and community. And so when they align with a conservative cause, woe to those who oppose them.

(Needless to say, Jewish women who diverge from this deeply ingrained path become unhinged and undergo a quick process of harpification or furification.)

An incredible such Jewish woman is the lady who operates the “Libs of TikTok” social media account. Despite harassment and doxing by the Washington Post, I will respect her anonymity. She is, however, an Orthodox Jew.

The success of LOTT is astonishing. It has 1.3M followers on Twitter, and it packs a punch. Together with the efforts of the likes of Chris Rufu and James Lindsey, LOTT has brought into the mainstream the bizarre and hellish freakshow that now reigns in many of our schools and healthcare institutions.

A few examples:

Horror in Phoenix
A shapeless blasphemy
A bat-winged imp in the classroom

It goes on and on. Needless to say, the owner of this account has paid a steep price for her good public service: Death threats, harassment of her family, being called a “domestic terrorist,” “white supremacist,” you know the drill. She had to go into exile.

Amazingly, the service this account offers is selfless. The owner is an Orthodox Jew. Believe me, the schools her own community operates, where she would be sending her own children, are absolutely not woke and are in no danger of becoming so anytime soon. Yet she’s still in the fight for the bigger cause – America.

The selflessness goes even deeper: LOTT simply publishes confessional videos created by the freakazoids of the Left themselves. No opinion pieces, just a silent mirror.

And so this website declares the owner of LOTT as a “Jew Behaving Well” and awards her with a place within King David’s tabernacle.

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