A point I find myself explaining, again and again, is that leftists will ALWAYS vote for the Left. It’s a difficult point for honest, discerning people to grasp (meaning, people on the Right). Mostly because once you grasp it, as Lovecraft would say, your mind immediately correlates all the monstrous horrors of the universe, leaving you wishing for the security of a padded cell.

Look, America at this point is like Iraq. The Sunnis will always vote for the Sunni candidate, whether he be a retarded goat-molester or a brilliant engineer. They will NEVER vote for the Shia candidate. At best, they will sometimes abstain and stay home.

This is more or less the situation in America. Examine the math: Nationally, we are now 60% white and 40% minorities. 75% of the minority vote will always vote for the Left. That gives the Left a solid 30% of the national vote that is completely secure. A quarter of the white population is your woke acolytes – HR ladies, members of the laptop class, alphabet people, and other true believers. So that’s 15% of the national vote.

Meaning, the Left ALWAYS has a comfortable base of 45% of the national vote. Always.

Republicans love posting memes and videos about Biden’s cognitive decline, Kamala’s stupidity, Buttigieg’s man-boobs, you know the drill! I too enjoy the giggles at the display of Harris’s endless repetition of “we came to work on the things we came to work on.” I too get a kick from the freakshow of angry-confused-vicious-retarded Biden.

Oh, and that guy Fetterman who can’t string two sentences together and hides an unsightly lump under his hideous hoodie. Ha ha.

But remember, good people – this has no effect on anybody! The Left’s 45%, the zit coalition of a white head lording over a colored mass, will always vote for Biden and Kamala no matter what. You could replace Biden and Kamala with a can of beans and they would still vote for them.

Why? Because the biomass of twerkers is not exposed to much news anyhow, they just do what they are told and enjoy the fantasy of receiving free stuff while sticking it to whitey.

And the white head, the puss on top of the zit, is a coalition of zealous ideologues and will vote for whoever whispers the appropriate dark spells of “equity” and “social justice.”

By contrast, Republicans have a meager base of only half or so of America’s whites, plus a few drifters. So about 30-35% of the national vote. The rest are independent or politically inert types that the Right has to PERSUADE. It is an uphill battle to persuade another 15% of the population, which is why republicans, given New America’s demography, often fail. The Left on the other hand is free of persuading anybody. When you master 45% of the note as a base, it’s just a game of mobilization.

And so, the laughs and giggles are really a just joke on us, not on the Left. This is aimed at your own humiliation. The puppet masters are showing you that even demented, cognitively impaired, debased figures have perpetual power over you – power that you at this point cannot shrug off, no matter what you do.

P.S. [11/9/2022] Fetterman won in PA, sadly vindicating the argument here.

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