The Right has a set of very interesting ideas for the restoration of America. Beyond a baseline consensus on ending Wokery and mass immigration, we generate many interesting thought strains ranging from scaling back the managerial regime, to royalism, to medieval corporatism, to Victorian larping, to communitarianism, and my own perhaps naive favorite – restoring the old republic of ma and pa.

The trouble is that beyond cyberspace, there is no place for the implementation of such ideas. All the places are already taken by the Potomac Regime. Even places seemingly remote and pristine as Alaska and Wyoming are tied inextricably to the BLM-race-gender-mass-immigration regime. To receive research grants, agricultural subsidies, and pretty much any federal budget or assistance, all states must comply.

And the Regime is not limited to its DC centralized node. Its derivatives in business and academia, like a loathsome cult of blasphemous practices, engage in their BLM-race-gender worship whether they are in NYC or in Boise. An Employee of KPMG in Idaho has to undergo the same humiliating racial sensitivity training as an employee in San Francisco.

One way to create a place for the Right is naturally the path of secession. I wrote about it before by reviewing two potential models. Secession is an attractive model both aesthetically and practically. Aesthetically, it removes the unsightly element of multicultural coastal Babylons from the image of America, restoring a kind of majestic cleanliness and beauty. Practically, it grants a geographic space in which traditional Americans can live by the ways of their forefathers, cropping out the corrosive idiocies of Wokery.

Secession, however, is easier to dream out than to implement. And in an age where nothing interesting ever happens, only gradual and crawling adjustments, swashbuckling tales of secession, independence, and battles for liberty are probably misplaced.

Not all is lost though. There is a middle path of moderate secession, or “soft” secession as we say in business, that can achieve practically the same results, even if not the same aesthetics of purity and cleanliness.

Think about it as an object in space attempting to achieve escape velocity, away from the gravitational pull of a planet. One way to go about it, full secession, is letting your burners rip – full speed ahead with maximum energy! Another is to gradually course correct, using the planet’s own gravity to accelerate and shoot away into space. Eventually, the result is similar.

The Principles of Soft Secession

Let’s examine the cases of stopping Wokery and mass immigration in a model of soft secession. In each case, there is a local (limited to one state) dimension and an inter-state dimension.

An End to Wokery

The local dimension should follow the example set by Florida:

  1. Recognize workforce “diversity and inclusion” training as grounds for hostile-work environment lawsuits.
  2. Refuse to do business with companies that mandate racialized training that demeans whites or any other group.
  3. Refuse to do business with companies working to promote “ESG” scores.
  4. Ban race-gender ideology from schools.
  5. Ban race-gender ideology, classes, administration, and promotion at state-sponsored universities.
  6. Clear all state documents, websites, programs, policies, and job descriptions from race-gender terminology of “diversity” and “equity.”
  7. Deny not-for-profit status from any organization that does not engage directly in charity or operates a school. No “advocacy” agencies with tax privileges intended for charity!
  8. Deny the limited liability status of corporations engaging in race-gender propaganda.
  9. Institute the death penalty, quickly applied, as a minimum punishment for all violent crimes.

The above can be turbo-charged through inter-state coordination. For instance, a large state like Florida can easily coerce the businesses and corporations operating in its territory to comply with its rules; it might be more difficult for a small state (by population and resources) to stand alone like Iowa. Hence states should coordinate and form the Legacy Alliance. If you refuse to do business with Iowa, you cannot do business with Texas and Florida either.

Also, by instituting various bans on the Left’s favorite projects, states may perhaps disqualify themselves from federal educational budgets and other types of grants and funding. They should either suck it, or at a more evolved stage, top each other off with funding from a centralized ad-hoc treasury. Think the Delian League.

An End to Mass Immigration

Controlling immigration on a state level is naturally more challenging, but can be done with a bit of creativity and coordination. On its own, each state can:

  1. Mandate e-Verify across all employers, including restaurants and farms, and punish violations with steep fines using a comprehensive audit system.
  2. Legislate that the state shall not recognize any contracts, including rental and real-estate contracts, signed by illegal aliens. If illegal aliens decided to stop paying you rent, the state will not intervene on your behalf. Tough luck!
  3. Institute a tax on all foreign remittances.
  4. Capture illegal aliens and bus them either to another state or to the nearest international airport.
  5. Red-blooded states such as Texas and Arizona should summon up their inner Davy Crocketts and seize a security zone in Mexico. Do not let any migrants cross it! Let’s see what happens.

Naturally, this too works better at scale, so conservative states in the Legacy Alliance should copy one another and commit to the same rules.

In addition, coordination is absolutely needed for controlling legal immigration. America suffers from too much third-world immigration, legal or illegal. The fact that the Feds admit 1.5M legal immigrants per year, mostly from places such as Honduras, Bangladesh, Somalia, and India, does not mean that Iowa and Wyoming must see their culture and folkways erode.

No, with creativity, states can also act to prevent mass migration of the legal kind into their own territories. This may create a few constitutional issues, but eventually, any kind of secession means ignoring parts of the constitution as interpreted by Washington.

Specifically, in a coordinated fashion, states can create a passport system. Within the Legacy Alliance, only current citizens can move, work, contract, and trade. Beyond a few exceptions set for the occasional Einstein, all immigrants will have to go elsewhere. The Supreme Court may not like it, but let’s ignore it, this is a path of secession after all.

More to Come

With time, and as more confidence is gained, the coordinated states can become bolder. They can abolish the IRS in their territories. This will be a just response for denied federal budgets and services. They can also ignore the Environmental Protection Agency or any other agency not to the liking of their citizens.

At that point, a de facto reality of secession will emerge (as prior to the Civil War) without declaring one officially. And why should we declare an official secession? The flag is nice and the museums are great!

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