All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

As all things great and small deserve our attention, this week is dedicated to small things.

Jews Behaving Badly

Certainly, we could have found bigger offenders to chastize, but there was something pathetically compelling about this guy – Chaim Deutsch, a New York City Council Member representing the 48th District (somewhere in Brooklyn).

Councilman not for very long, it seems. This week Deutsch confessed to several years of tax evasion, totaling $82,000. The amount may seem paltry in comparison with the egregious sins and blasphemies normally reviewed by this vengeful writer. However, Deutsch’s website makes it a little more interesting: There, amongst many free services he lavishes upon his constituents, he also offers “free tax preparation.” Surely, it has slipped Mr. Deutsch’s mind to give his own services a try.

For that, Deutsch receives a kick from Balaam’s donkey and with it the infamy of being this week’s badly behaving Jew.

Jews Behaving Well

Ben Shapiro has a sister. Abby is her name and she is a Jewess, an opera singer, and a conservative. And she’s pretty hot too. A Hebrew unicorn. A Jewnicorn.

'Magical Rainbow In Hebrew Word With Unicorn Jewish' Men's ...

Ms. Shapiro uploads videos almost on a weekly basis, here’s her latest. Alas, it has become a sort of liberal sport to downvote her videos, so feel free to gain a Mitzvah and do the opposite.

So this week Abby gets a place within David’s Tabernacle and with it the award of being a well-behaving Jew(ess).

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