The ADL’s long, scaly arm is outstretched in a slap to South Africa. I am no fan of that dysfunctional country, once famous for its space program and safaris, now famous for its street violence and its particular violence against white farmers. However, when the ADL censures, I’m a bit suspicious.

Apparently, two Jewish judicial nominees were examined and interrogated on account of their Jewish faith. Not a very nice thing to do.

The dogma lives loudly within them.

However, the ADL did THE SAME thing to Amy Coney Barrett when she was nominated in 2020. Quoting from a letter sent by the ADL to Senator Diane Feinstein: “While it is difficult to assess whether Judge Barrett’s faith might impact her jurisprudence, given her limited time on the Seventh Circuit, it is important for the Judiciary Committee to probe her views in this area.”

Feinstein, infamously, went on to grill Barrett about the “dogma [which] lives loudly” in her, whatever that means.

So the ADL has an issue with South Africa questioning candidates about their religion but encourages an American Jewish senator to interrogate a Catholic for her faith. Once again, it is clear as the singing voice of young David, that the ADL’s zeal is not for the protection of Jews, but for excoriating, tarring, and condemning traditional Americans.

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