Like the re-appearance of Mr. Hanky on South Park, at some point simply announced by an episode named “More Poop,” the ADL continues its never-ending campaign for more immigration.

This time the ADL is heralding the advent of another heritage month. You know, it’s always the month of this or that grievance group. Recently there has been Asian American Month, and prior to that we had Black Heritage Month (although it usually is black heritage all year long), and now apparently it is “Immigrant Heritage Month,” whatever that may mean.

To the ADL, which objected to President Trump’s very sensible travel ban, this means unfettered immigration from the Third World. The same kind of immigration that brings types named Yussuf, Faisal, and Weesam to America, who later express their “heritage” through the assault of Jews.

In the words of America’s greatest statesman of modern times ,”Sad!”

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