Once more, it is our weekly award show where a week is ending, a new week is beginning, and Jews receive a kick from Balaam’s donkey or a place within David’s Tabernacle.

Jews Behaving Badly

Hearkening back to this piece, our Jewish Alecto this week, the daughter of eternal night, is Halie Soifer. Soifer, by the description of her own website, is a “seasoned congressional aide, Obama administration alum and foreign policy expert, and now the first executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America.” Meaning, a fully-fledged progressive fury, armed with snakes and torches and a vengeful zeal for “social justice.”

If you wonder what the Jewish Democratic Council, Soifer’s organization, is all about – they are yet another Jewish forum dedicating its formidable energy to the advancement of Marxist “causes such as mass immigration, attacking the Second Amendment, and of course, genuflecting serenely in front of the altar of St. George Floyd.

Soifer has also had something nasty to say about the Proud Boys. Like the South Park ladies screeching “Eek! A penis!” she finds the noble Boys, those happy few committed to their country and the legacy of their forefathers, to be distasteful.

[AMA Request] Jonah Hill : IAmA

This week she’s organizing some sort of leftist coven where she and her fellow furies and harpies shall screech together about how systematically racist America is. It’s Maoistically called a “Week of Action”. And so, to crown her achievements this week, she gets a kick in the rear from Balaam’s donkey and with it the Jew Behaving Badly award.

A harpy, wings disclosed.

Jews Behaving Well

I’m telling you folks, this one is getting tougher and tougher. Start sending me ideas on Twitter, unless you’d like me to alternate monotonously (or duotonously) between Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro.

This week our choice is Mort Klein, the head of the Zionist Organization of America. Our website gives grades on account of American patriotism, not Israeli patriotism, but Klein still passes the test. Solely among Jewish Organizations, the ZOA condemned the “Black Lives Matter” movement on account of its bigotry and general incivility. Klein had also praised President Trump’s travel ban, that fleeting yet noble piece of achievement, and the ZOA then worked to defend it in America’s progressive court.

Klein had to pay a price for his divergence from the cult of social justice. Recently, progressive Jewish organizations in Boston have tried to vilify him and kick him out of some Jewish organization. Nobody ever invites me to cocktail parties so I can’t feel too much empathy, but I can imagine it must have been unpleasant.

This week he was even accused of being worse than Hamas. And so, Mort gets a seat within David’s tabernacle and this week’s Good Jew award.

ZOA's Morton Klein says he's still the best man for the ...
“Literally Hamas!”

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