Jews Behaving Badly

If you haven’t noticed, America has no foreign policy. Only a domestic one. The two flagship projects of the American Left, mass immigration and woke ideology, are completely domestic in nature. America’s foreign policy’s only function is to advance these projects.

The Left’s flagship projects.

One case in point is our ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. In her maiden speech she chose to address not America’s interests abroad, but America’s sins within. “I know the ugly face of racism. I lived racism. I have experienced racism. And I survived racism,” she enlightened the audience. China’s diplomats, crafty and nationally interested, were no doubt expecting a brilliant American chess move, but instead, Thomas-Greenfield just served some sad fried chicken.

Another, more powerful, example is America’s top diplomat and the receiver of this week’s Jews Behaving Badly Award, Anthony Blinken. Traditionally the Secretary of State is expected to fight for the interests of Americans through foreign policy. Instead, though, Blinken is completely devoted to America’s domestic project of excoriating traditional America and promoting Marxist “woke” ideology.

When unveiling something called the “2020 Human Rights Report,” Blinken lamented the catastrophic fate of blacks and Asians in America, who, you guessed, all suffer from “racism.” More recently, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of St. George Floyd, the emblem of America’s new forced state religion, Blinken encouraged our embassies to display the Black Lives Matter flag.

For about five minutes, America’s adversaries must have been baffled, thinking this was all a great stroke of diversion, hiding a great blow against them that is waiting to unfold. But surely by now, they have realized they are only watching the frenzy, the contortions, and the self-flagellations of strange Jacobin priests, devoted to a new cult at the expense of their own country.

For being a rabid Pokemon capable of uttering nothing but one thing, Blinken gets a kick in the rear from Balaam’s donkey and this week’s Jews Behaving Badly Award.


Jews Behaving Well

As you know, this website is deeply devoted to the glories of the English Speaking World and hopes to see greater unifying ties across the Anglosphere, in our lifetime. And so this week we shall confer the award upon Avi Yemini.

Yemini is the sort of patriot we love: A staunch Australian patriot, an immigration restrictionist and as of recently, a Covidian heretic. Australia, and specifically the state of Victoria, has had a terrible and senseless lockdown policy (for the success of the opposite approach, look here). Yemini, defying that, likes to poke his fingers in the eyes of Covidian harpies and goblins with rather funny results.

Here’s a hilarious video in which he asks a grumpy passer-by, with an issue about Yemini’s unmasked face, whether his name is “Karen.” Yes, yes, my sense of humor is a bit idiotic, my grandmother used to say I had never progressed beyond the age of eight, but it’s funny!

And so, Yemini gets to dwell within David’s Tabernacle and with it he receives this week’s award of a Well Behaving Jew.

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