Entertain me for a few minutes. When trying to analyze the wishes, desires, and goals of the American left (and indeed, the permanent American establishment), I have long concluded they are after one thing – the destruction of traditional America.

Torching cities, defacing monuments, promoting Third-World mass immigration, kneeling before George Floyd, celebrating “diversity,” and accusing America of “systemic racism” are all meant to stick it to core Americans. The left wishes to see old America shamed and gone and to institute something else in its stead. Something resembling more a hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh than Little House on the Prairie. Yes, it may be dysfunctional but it will sure be diverse!

Within this paradigm, the left has proven time and again that it has no foreign policy at all. All action, foreign or domestic, is aimed at the goal of destroying traditional America. Hence our Secretary of State, who is supposed to run our foreign policy, bloviating endlessly instead about domestic terrorism and “white supremacy.” Or our ambassador to the UN in her maiden speech apologizing for our country’s “racism.

Everything is for internal purposes: Homeland Security was supposed to keep illegals out, but instead, it has halted deportations; the military was supposed to promote strength and excellence to keep us safe, but instead, it is campaigning for lesbian power or something; NATO was supposed to coordinate the actions of our allies, but instead it too is campaigning for chic progressive causes.

So we have no foreign policy. All the tentacles of the American state are pointed domestically to replace, diminish and destroy what’s left of Leave it To Beaver America.

Then why is our foreign policy establishment so involved in the latest conflict in Ukraine? Apparently, the Biden administration is now rushing $350M in assistance to Ukraine; it is about to ask Congress for $6.4B more. With an energy one could only wish was applied to our own borders, Biden’s advisors hatch and plan and levy new sanctions on Russia. They even do a surprisingly effective job of coordinating this with other countries, such as Germany and Britain. If only we could reach a similar level of coordination with Mexico and Latin America to prevent the onslaught on our southern border!

So what’s happening? Do we finally have a foreign policy? Do these people really believe they are advancing America’s interest?

Sorry, not so fast. Remember: The left’s High Cause is to destroy the America of your ancestors and this Ukraine thing too now promotes their blasphemous ambition. First, as I explained elsewhere, in Alinsky-style, a crisis is always good for the left. It’s a wonderful way to ensure minimum opposition while a hysterical clique pushes its own agenda.

Second, this is an extremely effective way to excoriate conservatives as traitors and enemies of the state. The Ukraine conflict has been weaponized. Against Americans.

This is already happening. America First types, who naturally object to useless foreign adventures are being shut down and accused of being “pro-Putin.” Do you disregard Ukraine and instead wish to bolster our own energy independence and national integrity? The same sources are now shaming you for “loving Russia.”

Tucker Carlson, the most articulate America First voice in our media is being tarred by Congressman Torres and a whole gaggle of lefties as forming a “pro-Putin” axis. How scary!

Bill Kristol, the pudgy face of permanent indigestion, and never one for a nuanced thought, is simply claiming the American right to be an enemy to the nation.

Meaning, once again, this is all for domestic consumption. The longer the conflict in Ukraine rages on, the more attention it receives, the more effective it becomes in embarrassing the right into a defensive position of confusion and hesitation. We right-wingers, and more so the boomers amongst us, are not comfortable opposing our own government internationally. Our instinct is to rally to the flag. Already the Nikki Haleys and Mitt Romneys of the world are standing behind Biden.

And here is poor Tom Cotton attempting to choose between Trump and his outdated Cold War instincts to supply “weapons to Ukraine.”

Can a coalition of RINOs, conservative boomers, and America-Firsters survive its conflicting reactive instincts towards foreign intervention? This is EXACTLY the weakness the left is deftly trying to exploit, with full awareness of the looming midterms.

No, we still have no foreign policy. Only zeal and passion to destroy ancestral America.

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