As we’ve established in many a piece before (here, and here, for instance), President Biden has assembled a cabinet of Nazgul and goblins, all croaking in unison “Racists!” One of the more ridiculous, or sinister, members of that cabinet is Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Mayorkas, who never ceases to remind the public of his victim credentials as being both Latin and Jewish (wow, two Vict-coins!), is nonetheless worth about $8M, according to Forbes. How nice to be a career bureaucrat!

Last week Mayorkas has joined Vice President Kamala Harris on her much-awaited trip to our southern border. The two made a public appearance in El Paso and congratulated one another for doing a terrific job. Alas, both, and especially Mayorkas, are doing a terrible job at protecting the border. The simple facts are that:

a) The current administration has ended President Trump’s “Wait in Mexico” policy which allowed for processing outside of US soil. Now the migrants all come in and are released until processing.

b) The administration also ended Trump’s “Safe Third Country” agreements with Honduras, Guatemala, and other countries, allowing for the sending back of asylum seekers to a safe country through which they might have crossed.

c) The Biden administration decided to also limit Trump’s Covid-19 related restrictions, which basically prevented all asylum requests. The current administration has excluded children and their families from the restrictions.

And so, border apprehensions, meaning border crossings we at least know of, are at a whopping 180,000 per month and are already close to a total of 1M for just seven months. Given the above, many of the apprehended are released automatically into the interior of the country, trusting their good will to show up for their cases’ adjudication at the courts.

Now back to Mayorkas. How motivated is he to use his agency’s formidable powers, and his influence within the administration, to minimize the flooding of the border by Third-World immigrants? Answer: He is not motivated at all. In fact, Mayorkas is a board member of HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which in recent decades, in lieu of Hebrew immigrants, has transitioned into a fully-fledged open-borders and refugee advocacy. HIAS was vehemently opposed to President Trump’s attempts at restricting immigration, so now it must be very pleased to have its own board member be America’s pretend sentinel of the border. Let them all in!

And so, for being a useless goblin and for relinquishing the charge entrusted to him, we award Mayorkas with this week’s title of a Jew Behaving Badly. With it, he also receives a kick from Balaam’s donkey.

Oh, and if you wonder what Secretary Mayorkas believes his top priority should be you can probably easily guess. Clearly, it’s to administer social justice and fight “white supremacy.” Flood America with mass immigration, then persecute her in the name of Wokery.

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