Once again, like the Jews of old, we had to pack our humble bags and leave. Ah, whither shall we fly! Previously it was ClubHouse, the chic new place where the lockdown-bored pass their days giggling. Since we are not chic at all, our time there had been short. Now it’s Twitter.

I have to say that we survived on Twitter much more than I had expected. This website gets a little punchy, and it’s obviously on the WRONG political side, so eight months or so are not that bad. Yes, we’ve been temporarily suspended before, made to delete this or that, but overall it had been a smooth ride.

Yet a few days ago, promoting our piece regarding the unbearable wokery of Jews on campus, we apparently have crossed a line. We’ve overestimated our independence – a common mistake made throughout the generations by overconfident Jews. The Paritz made sure to let us know.

And so we got ourselves thrown out. Our advice to little conservative Boy Scouts: To increase your Twitter survival, do not tell campus Jews to “choke on their leftism.”

Yet hope remains, we have a new account!