As a person of faith, yet also a man of science, I delight in biblical stories. As fabulous as they may be – a talking snake, a world created in six days, a tower reaching for the heavens – I try to look beyond the surface to find the true meaning shining underneath.

The idea is what is called a myth of origin. A story that conveys a truth, an eternal truth at the origin of things, that happens to be concealed within a compelling tale.

For instance, the story of Adam and Eve. Clearly, if you think this is a tale about a talking snake and ancient lore involving magic apples, you’ve completely missed the point. The snake and the apples are a literary implement, an exciting tool without which the story would have never survived to reach us. This is a myth of origins, teaching us about the meaning of temptation, and about the duties, pains, and unavoidable independent existence that follow necessarily when we become self-aware. Like a good opera, it uses magic, beauty, and symbolism to convey the eternal truth and beauty of its ancient notes.

Or take the creation of the world from the Book of Genesis. Again, if you believe this is an attempt to offer a competing biological-spatiotemporal theory you are completely missing the point. The idea is to show us, using astonishingly effective and memorable means, that the world is a gift. That life, our existence, our surroundings, and everything we can relate to, are all a gift, a sign of the absolute benevolence for which we should always be grateful.

Should we think this way about the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Obviously, such a cabal of conspiring Jews has never really existed. Sorry!

But is the story completely false? Maybe not entirely. It too conveys a truth, concealed within the historic forgery of a compelling tale of conspiracy. And what is the truth? Let’s look at the following individuals of Semitic origins: Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Fink, and George Soros.

Zuckerberg, an oily-faced hermaphrodite of sorts, in possession of unlimited means, cuts a fascinating figure. Propelled into the highest of heights through peddling in the transmission of online stupidities, he now has the resources to powerfully advance the causes dear to him. And unfortunately for America, his causes are always of the nation-weakening globo-homo-gender-race ones: His FWD organization promotes the increasing of immigration levels, from the Third World and beyond; Facebook (that transmitter of online stupidities) and his other cash cows donate enormous sums to promote “racial justice;” and most creepy of all: In 2020 he spent what must be pocket change to him, $400 million dollars, in greasing the wheels of voting operations in select states and localities, practically privatizing the voting management process to the benefit of his own political leanings.

Then take Larry Fink. The billionaire (of course) CEO of BlackRock, the planet’s largest money-management firm whose assets compound into more than 9 trillion dollars. He too is not satisfied with being a simple furtive money manager, so he is all about promoting “causes.” What kind of causes? You guessed! Of the nation-weakening globo-homo variety. Beyond supporting mass immigration, “social justice” and blah, blah, blah, Fink is pioneering the sinister idea of “ESG” investments.

ESG means Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance, or in other words, an anti-middle-class agenda of supporting globalist causes, idiotic social justice, and vague alignment with corporations deemed “good.” Fink’s method of promoting this is nothing but complete chutzpah: He has directed his underlings to prioritize “ESG” as they manage… your money!

And so, while America’s workers contribute to BlackRock’s earnings and assets through their 401k, Fink uses their investment to promote Wokery, national weakness, and mass immigration. What a mentsch.

As for Soros, I’m not even going to begin summarizing his nefarious dealings. He is the godfather of all things woke and the number one funder of district attorneys who believe the law should never be applied, leaving Americans to wallow in excrement-covered cities where black mobs engage in mass shooting yet remain protected from prosecution.

So if the Protocols are a myth of origins, the package is false yet concealing a deep truth, what is the truth? The truth, I fear, is what this website has been hammering at since its founding. America’s Jews, and especially the powerful ones, behave very badly indeed.

Ideally, as the Valar did, we should throw these Dark Lords into the void of Zuckerberg’s woke metaverse.

Tulkas captured Melkor and bound him with the great chain ...
“And stay in there this time!”

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