Like a mad necromancer from a Lovecraftian tale, the Left just cannot let former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (totemized as “the notorious RBG”) go.

Despite a history of cancer, noticeable physical degradation, fatigue and weakness, and even signs of mental decline, the Left would not let the poor lady retire. They propped her up like a zombie, in the same manner in which President Biden’s decline is ignored, his gaffes are brushed aside, and his weird mumbling and perpetual terrified countenance are never explained. No, Zombie Ruth HAD to stay in place no matter what, lest a Trump nominee take her place and push against the hordes of Wokery.

Well, eventually she died anyway.

But even in death, the Left is upholding its zombie. RBG, despite a solid (and from this website’s perspective, shameful and disappointing) record of feminism, constitutional liquidity, and automatic support for anything wasteful or homosexual, was just not woke enough.

Recently it was revealed that a media personality named Katie Couric had edited her interview with Ginsburg to make it sound more frenziedly woke. RBG, an old-fashioned type, dared to opine that kneeling while the National Anthem plays is “dumb and disrespectful.” Couric, to uphold her Zombie, simply expunged the record.

The ACLU, one of the highest temples of Wokery, had also attempted to re-animate the RBG zombie. Ginsburg, suffering from terminal cancer, could not, unfortunately, find the time to update herself on the latest progressive speech codes. She dared comment that bearing a child was central to a woman’s life. “No!” cried the ACLU, “This is transphobic!” And thus they brought RBG back from the dead and put a new quote in the snarling mouth of their zombie: “Person,” not “woman.”

So I think you all know what to do this Halloween! Celebrate with your very own RBG zombie!

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