Can we learn anything from Youngkin’s surprise victory in Virginia’s gubernatorial election? All sorts of people, surely cleverer than the author of these lines, are learning all sorts of things.

I, however, have learned something very simple. Once again, demography is everything.

Some on the rejoicing Right are trying to tell us that a “realignment” of voters is in place. That America’s ugly ethnic-based politics are now finally transcended. A color-blind coalition craves a return to the happy, patriotic 1950s, to lovely equestrian monuments, and to education that inculcates the young in the treasures of their own civilization.

Well, that’s not true.

Based on CNN’s exit poll, 90% of blacks have voted for the Left, as they always do. How about those “closet conservatives,” Hispanic voters? Well, 70% of them have also voted for the Left, as they always do.

The only swing voters who are indeed moved by an affinity to good old patriotic America are the voters who come from a good old patriotic heritage: White voters.

And so, it’s time to cut the crap and cease the attempts to keep together an imaginary coalition, that may imaginarily break if we dare mention topics dear to patriotic America. Nope, quite the opposite: The way to win, as long as there remain enough voters of European legacy, is by addressing the topics these voters care about. The indoctrination happening in our schools, the ever-growing cult of race and gender, drag-queen story hours, the elimination of “dead white males” from the curriculum, and above all – mass immigration from the Third World.

With MORE mass immigration from the Third-World, Youngkin would have lost. He only won because Virginia is NOT yet as “diverse” as New Jersey or New York.

King Charles II nicknamed Virginia his “Old Dominion” as it remained loyal to the deposed Crown even during Cromwell’s reign. How long will it remain a proud Anglo-American Old Dominion? Surely not for long, if immigration trends continue. Remember the eternal 90% and 70%.

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“My Old Dominion.”