Like Tolkien’s Balrog, a demon wrapped in shadow and flame, the Left’s vocabulary is shrouded in shadows and lameness.

As the Romo Razor succinctly encapsulates, the Left’s aim is to destroy and dismantle traditional America. A key step in their blasphemous pilgrimage is to booby trap Americans’ natural kindness and sympathy towards the underdog. For instance, everyone abhors racism, so by accusing Americans of being “systemically racist” the Left turns Americans against themselves. Or, everybody remembers the struggles of their ancestors, so by accusing Anglo-Americans of being “xenophobic” the Left subverts Americans’ natural generosity and forces a dump of the Third World on them.

Nothing demonstrates this idea more powerfully than the Left’s discordant trinity of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A Diversity of Nonsense

The idea of diversity means absolutely nothing. Independently, diversity is simply an attribute of things. Things can be big, or wide, or diverse. A big pile of money is a good thing, but a big pile of excrement is bad. Therefore “bigness” is neither good or bad. A diversity of healthy foods is good, but a diversity of poisons is bad. Therefore diversity is neither good or bad.

The Left, however, has made the idea of diversity into a pernicious anti-concept. It evokes the idea, supported by most Americans, of tolerance. We tolerate differences of opinion, confession, and belief, as well as differences in shape, income, and circumstance. This is what honest people have been doing since time immemorial, especially in the English-speaking world. Tolerance, therefore, which is a good thing, tends to result in all kinds of people, or a diversity of people.

Most people then have a generally good idea about tolerance, and also about the fact that tolerance may beget human diversity. And so the faithless priests of the Left, concerned with overthrowing Anglo-America, do the following thing: For them “diversity” has a special meaning – it means being not white; So they use the general good feeling about tolerance, with its link to the benign idea of diversity, to push through an anti-concept that is no longer a neutral attribute, but an assault on traditional America. And now in the name of “diversity,” we must reduce the share of white Americans in every possible forum.

“No room for you white Midwesterners! You are not diverse!”

“We all agree about diversity, right? So now we have to downgrade your college application!”

Quit with the Equity

Equity, from the Latin aequus, (even), traditionally means evenness, equalness, or equality. Most people, especially in common law countries where folks are used to the ancient ideas of fairness and equality, consider such things to be good. And so once more the accursed acolytes of Wokery employ the same trick. They invent a new anti-concept, a reshaped version of equality called “equity”: Henceforth it shall mean equality of result, or more specifically, making sure that people of different races reach the same average results. And if that doesn’t happen, this is clearly “systemic racism!”

“Equity” then sounds nice, both due to its original meaning and its etymological closeness to “equality.” And so the new equity, under its warped linguistic disguise, is pushed into HR departments, the administrative state, public health agencies, and colleges, where it simply means “make sure black and brown people achieve the same results as whites!”

And if black and brown people do not seem to achieve the same rates of non-obesity, engineering graduates, or managerial positions, then we must accuse traditional America of being racist.

Inclusive of Stupidity

Once we’ve learned these sinister tricks, defusing the road bomb of “inclusion” is an easy task. Once again, naturally nice Americans have a positive idea about inclusion. They believe in being nice and kind to everybody. Why not? Every neighbor gets a basket of muffins.

But for the Left, inclusion means something else. It means that every forum has to look black and brown, regardless of context. If it isn’t, this is of course a sacrilegious act of… “racism!” And so the general sympathy towards the idea of inclusion serves as a Trojan horse to denounce white Christian America and corrode its sense of kindness.

“Nebraska farmers are non-inclusive! They are all white!”

“NASA must do better on inclusivity! No rocket scientists are black!”

Shadowy and lame, indeed.

Shadow and Flame by Toradh on DeviantArt
Once exposed, the Leftist Balrog can do nothing but scream.

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