America is clearly declining on many fronts. The optimistic birthing grounds of can-do pioneers and of a “Jetsons”-like vision of the future, are sinking more and more into dysfunction.

Californians used to boldly dream of futuristic moving sidewalks; now they humbly wish for sidewalks free of tent cities and human excrement. Our schools’ used to idealize the formation of the likes of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – athletic and gifted patriots to one day sail amongst the stars. Now each schoolyear brings further deterioration to America’s academic prowess, to the point that in places like Baltimore 77% of high schoolers read at an elementary school level. What a fertile recruitment environment for NASA.

As for the reigning national spirit, an entire political party is dedicated to the denigration of America. It rejoices in the destruction of her monuments, the looting, rioting, and arson afflicting her cities, and in flooding her with incompatible illiterates from the Third-World, all in the name of resentful “equity.”

And obviously let’s not forget the hideous crime wave gifted to us as a legacy from the summer of George Floyd’s love, with our main cities seeing homicides up by about 40%(!). Not only is such deadly enthusiasm abetted or at least ignored by our media, an array of “woke” leftist DAs, many of whom backed by George Soros, refuses to persecute offenders.

A Conspiracy?

Some on the Right look at this state of affairs, a state of all-front dysfunction, and conclude this must be a coordinated effort: Power-hungry elites, the Jews, Satanists, or perhaps the agitprop of a foreign government.

Now, I am friendly to this idea. It has the advantage of A) Being florid and exciting, and B) Being easily fixable – take down the conspirators and you win the game. Indeed, if somebody presented me with compelling evidence to point at a conspiracy I would gladly be persuaded. But until then, I find the conspiracy-driven-decline theory to be highly improbable.

Why? Two Reasons.

Reason One

Let’s begin with the easier one. If I were a cabal of elites trying to take over the country, why would I try to turn it into a dump? If I wished to become an omnipotent emperor, a menace on land, upon the waves, and in the skies, I would want a strong industrial powerhouse behind me, not a hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh.

Meaning, ruining America is not a rational aim for anybody attempting to take over America.

Does ruining America make sense for a foreign adversary? I would say that weakening America would definitely make sense, but not ruining it into a state of dysfunction. If you think the failed states of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya are an international pain in the butt, imagine the failed state of America.

So I don’t think the Third-Worldization (tertius-mundialization?) of America helps anybody with any rational desires.

OK, but how about irrational desires? Maybe our elites simply wish to decimate America, then like an alien parasite, to move on to the next host?

This leads me to the second reason as to why I find a conspiracy unlikely.

Reason Two

Coordination is extremely difficult. The bigger the network, the greater the need for secrecy, the more difficult coordination becomes. I actually have hands-on experience in the area of coordination. As a management consultant, an otherwise useless profession, I see every day how difficult it is for organizations to make solid plans, and even more so, to execute them.

Almost every company with more than 1000 employees turns into a sluggish behemoth of waste and abuse. In fact, the whole art of “management,” is primarily not the process of building something, but the process of weeding out disruption and channeling information and resources where they need to go. And again, the larger the network, the more impossible it becomes to do. Do you think anybody has a grasp on what’s happening at CitiBank or Nestle? Think again. It’s a sort of miracle our money doesn’t vanish and that our morning bowl of cereal does not contain arsenic.

[Note: to be precise, it’s not exactly a miracle that your money isn’t stolen from Citibank (I actually worked with their anti-fraud department a long time ago) or that your cereal isn’t poisonous. Both companies invest billions in quality control. All the fat, abuse, and inefficiency ultimately drain into the bottleneck of quality control, without which these companies would not simply be inefficient, but would completely collapse. This only emphasizes my point that coordination is very difficult indeed.]

You can view the problem of coordination in terms of probability. Let’s say you have a network of spies, conspirators, or Satanists. Each might make a mistake that may expose or fail the whole effort. Let’s say the probability of such a mistake is p. The probability not to make a mistake then is 1-p. The probability of the whole network then not making a mistake is (1-p)N, with N being the size of your network of conspirators.

Clearly, the bigger N is, the smaller the probability not to make mistakes. For instance, let’s assume the probability to make a mistake, p, is 5% and that N represents a network of mere 1000 conspirators. The probability for the network to avoid a mistake then is a tiny 0.0000000000000000000000529182275. That’s 1 in 10^22 or so. Meaning, the network will make a mistake.

Now, you may say, OK, not every mistake is catastrophic, and just like Nestle, a network can have a quality assurance mechanism. That’s all true. But remember, this network also has to be clandestine, and further, a network of 1000 elements is a very very low estimate if one wishes to take down a whole country, especially a large and decentralized one such as America.

So that’s my view then. The whole thing is highly improbable. But I’m willing to be persuaded otherwise.

What Is Happening Then?

If I am right though, then what is happening? I’m afraid the more probable explanation to our woes, in an irony that is true to America’s nature, is federated. Meaning, what we are witnessing is not a coordinated conspiracy, but a decentralized confluence of rot, a rising belief system, and a general incompetence that feed off of each other.

There was no conspiracy to take down Yahoo. Beyond a certain point, the company simply spiraled down in a decade-long catatonic state of uselessness, laziness, inability to reign in the dominant culture, and general incompetence.

The rise of Christianity in the 4th century was no conspiracy either. Yes, the priests and bishops had very openly promoted their religion as much as our academics are promoting Wokery, but Christianity simply took off. Soul by soul, woman by woman, slave by slave. Eventually, in the late 4th century it formed enough of a critical mass to become the established religion of the Roman Empire.

This is just the nature of large human systems. They are decentralized, even chaotic, and can almost never be controlled barring the use of incredible violence. This is why so many on the Right have the feeling of fighting an invisible enemy, a sort of wraith screeching “Racists!” whose corporeal form can never fully be grasped.

Down and Up

On the downside, there is no alien parasite, no spy network, nor cabal to extricate. There is nothing that can be pulled out, then smashed, thus curing the whole system. On the upside though, this decentralized rot, lacking a central plan or a directing hand, mostly depends on a lack of will to confront it. Its power is the apathy, vulnerability, and confusion of its enemy, of traditional Americans. It has no other source of strength.

As I explained elsewhere, this means patriots can take back America county by county, state by state, will by will.

P.S. I have to admit that the quantity of militant Jewish lesbians affiliated with the Biden administration and with resentful leftism is not a bad counterpoint to my argument. Here, here, and here, and here for a few examples.

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