Thanks, Vladimir Putin! But I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, let me state that while I see in the developments in Eastern Europe an interesting pastime between conference calls, I couldn’t really care less about what’s happening there. In fact, a conference call can teach us a lot about the proper attitude in such matters: When the HR lady screams at the Director of Compliance, just stay out of it. Yes, it might be tempting to chime in, insult somebody, start a fight, and quip something clever, but the virtue of prudence commands otherwise.

But prudence is not a widely practiced virtue nowadays. And not even its lesser sister of self-awareness. How peculiar it is that the masked types who are otherwise perfectly content to remain in front of their Zoom and their Netflix, now call for America to get off the couch and go to war.

The laziest of Americans, those who’ve been passing the sweet years of Covid snug in their homes and scolding the rest of us for not forcing our toddlers to wear a mask, have just discovered they can agitate for even more hysteria, through the crisis in Ukraine.

Conservatives, always mindful of the wisdom of the past, should remember the remedy our ancestors reserved for hysteria. It does work.

But hoping for self-restraint, I do thank Putin. Why? Because he has reminded us of a few things. We are reminded that in the real world, the land of reality outside the fantasies of America’s howling progressives, real things matter.

Think about this as the end of a Dungeons and Dragons game. You had spent 8 hours casting spells and fighting orcs with swords, but then it’s time to snap out of it, do your homework, and wash the dishes for your mom. America has been playing D&D with itself. The D&D of “social justice,” “representation,” and BLM. It’s time to wake up.

To win in the real world, strong nations matter, not pronouns. To outsmart the enemy, electronic warfare capabilities matter, not “amplifying voices of color.” To control the battlefield, control of satellites and orbital space matters, not “equity.” To survive economic warfare, production of energy and domestic provision of metal ores matter, not the “Green New Deal.”

And how to ensure we have satellites, ore mining, and strength? We cultivate excellence, not imbecilic “diversity.” A strong nation must educate, groom, and promote the best and the most talented so they can become the best engineers, the best generals, and the best leaders. There’s no other way of winning, not in the real world. You can have the best people at the helm, or you can focus on “representing communities of genderqueers of color.” Good luck winning with the latter.

Even though we better stay out of the whole affair, we can still learn a thing or two from it. Sooner or later, a conflict closer to these shores may actually require our active involvement. And so, if we plan on ever engaging in the game of great powers, we must cultivate our own greatness and our own powers.

We can be a shining Anglo-Western futuristic city on a hill or a sad, dysfunctional hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh. Choose as your life depends on it.

“Enough of these hysterics!”

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