Desperate members of various factions on the Right often declare that conservation is impossible – there is nothing left to conserve. In turn, many wish to veer off and take us elsewhere: to a Nietzschean Big Bang of Fire, to a monarchy, to medieval corporatism based on Natural Law, or my own favorite – to the Shire.

All of these visions, be they wild and exciting as they may be, are alien. They all wish to take us away instead of pointing the way home. And perhaps there is indeed nothing to conserve – that is a rather difficult thing to measure. But certainly, there is much to restore.

Is national restoration possible? It is, for many reasons. I have already suggested a few practical ways as a beginning (here, here, hehe). But instead of speculating about future methods, let’s instead focus on a historical example.

Yes, national restoration is possible because the Jews did it. They called it Zionism and it resulted in their restoration as a people in their ancestral homeland.

I am sometimes accused of LARPing as a Victorian. Well, the Zionists LARPed too! How do you explain the sons of upholsterers and watch-makers suddenly becoming members of youth movements with names like Maccabee and Young Judah? How do you explain the same sons of upholsterers and watch-makers migrating to a swamp-infested sliver of the Middle East to become farmers and soldiers?

LARPing is simply another name for inspiration put into practice. It is acting the way you want things to be.

LARPing of course, like all dreams, should be grounded in reality. The Zionists didn’t dress as 1st century BC Judaeans, nor did they envision their to-be-restored homeland as a replica of King Solomon’s realm. They knew things would be different even if guided by dreams of the past.

The fact that the days of Little House on the Prairie are gone forever, never to come back, does not mean we cannot restore a modern America in the spirit of similar values. The 21st century, in fact, may help us to do so, just as guns and antibiotics helped the Zionists settle their new land.

What Will Mayflowerism Look Like?

Well, first it needs a name. A name that invokes the deep heritage of America and a longing for its traditional ways. Mayflowerism? All-Americanism? Patriotism? Restorationism? The Manifest Destiny movement? Feel free to tweet with suggestions.

And then, our Mayflowerism (working name) needs many forms, modes, and appearances. A bit of history: Herzl, the father of political Zionism, eclipses in his fame the other modes of Zionism prevalent in his day. Yes, they had a political movement led by Herzl, but they also had youth movements all across Europe, instilling the values of the self-restoring nation. Most importantly, they had practical, on-the-ground Zionism – a steady stream of settlers who migrated to the territory known as Palestine regardless of any political solution on the horizon. Just do it!

The settlers were the pure gold of the Zionist movement. As you may imagine, they were mostly very young and filled with a sense of destiny and adventure. They were the ones actually transforming into a new breed of farmer-soldiers, paving the path for all who will one day follow in their youthful and determined footsteps.

And then they had “spiritual Zionists” who were mostly interested in a spiritual revival of the Jewish people, without necessarily migrating to a new home.

The more the merrier! This is what a spiritual-political-territorial revival looks like. We need this too! We need:

  1. Patriotic youth movements – glorious versions of the Boy Scouts. The spirit should be that of manliness and adventure, and that of national restoration. These movements should encourage young people to build a homeland and cherish their civilizational heritage.
  2. Practical territorialism. We need people to begin migrating to red states, making them havens free of Wokery. We need the migrants, let’s call them “Ascenders,” to be forceful in their demands from their leaders – no public money of any kind to any progressive causes! A takeover of these states’ education departments, of their universities. The banishing of all DEI ladies and consultants.
  3. Linguistic restoration – We already see this within some circles of the Right. Speak proper English, for God’s sake! Even when you text and tweet and type. This is your national treasure and your most important link to generations past.
  4. Political restoration – I already wrote about it quite a bit. Each red state should be completely woke-free and strive to join other red states in a political alliance.
  5. Enthusiasm and patience – National revival is fun, enjoy it! LARP! Go fish and hunt and LARP as a prairie American. Compose lovely poems in Wordsworth’s style and ditch the glum of modern culture. If you are a modern person of little religious faith, LARP that too! Go to church and sing sublime hymns. But also – have patience. This is a generational project, nobody knows how many generations this may take from inception to a stable restoration. In the Jewish case, it took about three generations.

Gradually, a leader will emerge, or several leaders, and efforts of a more spiritual nature will crystallize into practical action. Sovereignty will follow.

Those of you rejoicing in Nietzsche and his contemporary followers – go for it! A joyful restoration of youth and the American spirit of adventure would have been blessed by Nietzsche had he lived today. Those of a more John Adams disposition, wishing to restore America as the daughter of the (now defunct) English constitution – also go for it! Those dreaming of the quietism of ma and pa on the prairie – also go for it!

Imagine the glorious life of my grandfather: He moved to Israel in the 1920s, joined a youth movement, then a paramilitary organization, then a kibbutz, then he fought in the War of Independence. And then, most sweetly, he got to see his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren living in the future that he had wrought. Beats life in a cubicle! Such glory can be yours.

The great American restoration project should unite all factions on the New American Right. Go for it! Zionism gave us a template, let’s copy it!

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