Composing pieces about such solemn things as prayer or the somberness of Hell, we haven’t paid attention to the ADL since our last piece more than a year ago. So what have they been up to?

Well, obviously they’ve been engaged in waging a campaign against Twitter, now known as X, and against Elon Musk, X’s owner.

It began a year ago, with Twitter’s acquisition by Musk. Upon the purchase, the ADL was quick to release the following gravely concerned statement:

“Blan, blah, blah… we are concerned that Mr. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter may accelerate what ADL has seen repeatedly: the pushing out of marginalized communities from social media. As with Telegram, Gab, Parler, Rumble, and other platforms that refuse to address incitement and slander in the name of free speech, such platforms have become hotbeds for radicalism and hate. This invariably reduces the diversity of views on these services and narrows rather than expands the public conversation.”

The prospect of free speech had clearly shocked the world’s most infamous wart-marred reptilian, Jonathan Greenberg.

“Shut it down!”

So the ADL has been “monitoring” Twitter ever since. Have they been pleased with it? Of course not. “racism” and “hate” introduced in the first act, are surely to be found even before the break. In fact, it only took a month for the ADL to call for an ad boycott on Twitter, due to “rising antisemitism” or whatever. Not that it stopped the ADL itself from using Twitter.

Anyhow, moving on. In March, the ADL accused Musk of racism or something for pointing out the obvious trespasses of (nominally) Jewish financier George Soros. Something we do quite often here too.

There’s more, but fast forwarding to August, the ADL has once more condemned Musk, this time for expressing “white supremacy” sympathies. Musk’s sin was his lament for the fate of white South Africans. You see, Musk, who is a white South African, was displeased with the black South African oh-so-charming chant of “Kill the Boer!”

Probably due to its cruel obsession with gaslighting people who notice the ongoing and very obvious murders of white South African farmers, the ADL just had to make a statement. In a classic, “well, but” exercise, Jonathan Greenblatt recognized the “crude” distaste of the chant calling for the killing of white people, but added with a finger wag: “At the same time, baseless claims of “white genocide” have been made by right-wing extremists in the U.S., particularly white supremacists, for years. Such wild charges have been used to excuse hate, to justify harassment and to rationalize violence.”

In the same fateful month of August, and despite a strained relationship with Musk, the ADL imagined to have found an opening with Musk’s CEO, the very standard corporate girl boss Linda Yaccarino. By virtue of being an affluent urban woman who likes to gesticulate on stage talking about the economy of tomorrow, one may guess that her approach towards the ADL is somewhat less adversarial than Musk’s. She might even believe in diversity and inclusion and drag queen lullabies. In any case, Jonathan Greenblatt was pleased with his efforts:

So what is this obsession with Twitter and its owner? Why can’t the ADL simply take its business elsewhere? Why can’t it settle for guest appearances on MSNBC and leave what it considers a cesspool of “hate” to us deplorables?

Obviously, because the ADL recognizes that Twitter under Musk is a serious threat to its self-presumed role as an arbiter of allowed speech.

Pre-Musk, Twitter (and with it Twitter’s considerable downstream effects) was 100% aligned with the ADL’s progressive-cliche view of the Overton window – any deviation from worshipping BLM, from encouraging mass migration, or from a deferential treatment of the Left’s clerics and financers, was answered by a quick ban. Hey, we got banned on account of being mildly mean to Bette Midler!

Under Musk, the ADL’s unwholesome and arachnid web of gag orders, censorship, and persecution is breached.

As a sign of these Muskian times, the ADL’s attempt to influence Twitter’s policies through Yaccarino has backfired by triggering a very uncensored counter-effect – an energetic campaign to ban the ADL.

May it succeed! For the good of America and the good of Jews worldwide who suffer the shame of being associated with the viciously loathsome leftist propaganda machine known as the ADL.

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