We’ve written here before on the elusive riddle of the thing ruling us. What is the coordinated blob that seems bent on degrading the West into a third-world hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh, with drag queens and permanent war?

We called it the malicious fungus, a primitive product of mass coordination and elite guidance driven by two simple impulses: to increase its own power and to dismantle traditional societies.

The elite guidance component, however, is where things truly get interesting. Is it indeed a cabal? The persistent agenda of Klaus Schwab and George Soros? Is the elite itself a kind of spontaneously coordinated blob? But surely it has more active players.

One half-serious attempt to explain the thrust of the fungus as an intentional and directed force is the ZOG. Or in full, the Zionist Occupation Government. The idea goes that in addition to the impulses I described – to increase its own powers and to degrade traditional Western societies – the ZOG aspires to ever serve the interests of Zionists, of the State of Israel.

So is the ZOG real?

Based on my experience, it’s not exactly an idea whose adherents can be convinced to change their minds, so let me attempt to offer a more personal perspective. For ancient texts, uncovered protocols, and debates regarding the USS Liberty incident you may go elsewhere.

The ZOG idea has always seemed very peculiar to me. Growing up in Israel, one cultivates a completely opposite sense – the world hates us. If you’re a leftist you know this and you wish to appease the world – to give up territory, to be less religious, to become a kind of untroubled Netherlands on the Mediterranean. If you’re on the right, you know this and react with defiance – we must always live on our sword! Nyah!

This is such a consensus opinion in Israel, that the world hates us, that even when we perform badly in the very silly and insignificant Eurovision Song Contest, we are quick to ascribe it to “Israel hate.”

But can it really be the opposite? Is the international community actually pro-Israel? Is somehow all this love simply lost on Israel’s provincial citizenry?

Well, let’s theorize. If the world was very pro-Israel, we would probably expect Israel to expand in territory. We would expect it to eliminate its enemies. We would expect it to be beyond censure.

Has any of these things happened? Let us explore.

Territorial Expansion

Israel had one pulse of territorial expansion – after the Six-Day War of 1967, it found itself in possession of a territory tripling its size, inclusive of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the biggest prize of all – the Sinai Peninsula.

Imagining a world in which the international community does the bidding of Israel, Israel would retain such territorial prizes. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Israeli territory is now instead something like this:

All of Israel’s territorial gains have been lost, beyond the Golan Heights and a few settlements in the West Bank.

Has that simply happened naturally, or has the international community, the powers that be, been pushing for this reduction in territory? Well, losing the Sinai was America’s design and a condition for its sponsored peace deal with Egypt. Israel’s reward, for ceding the only strategic depth it ever possessed, was to be aid dollars and peace with its archenemy Egypt. Read about the Camp David Accords.

What about Gaza and the West Bank? The Camp David Accords had forced Israel to recognize an undefined autonomy in these territories, but nothing much had happened until the 1990s. Then, in 1993, an energetic administration led by Bill Clinton (following in the footsteps of the Bush I administration) was determined to get Israel to sign the Oslo Accords. The territorial result of the accords was the ceding of vast sections of the West Bank and Gaza to a Palestinian proto-state led by arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat (who was imported for the task from his exile in Tunisia).

This whole deal launched into existence the undying chimera called the “Peace Process.” A permanent diplomatic telos of permanent pressure on Israel to cede more land to Palestinian control. The “Peace Process,” then as now, has been led by the natural suspects of the jet-setting elites – characters like Tony Blair (special envoy for this or that), Baroness Ashton, the EU, the “Quartet,” John Kerry and other members of the rarefied power elite who divide their time between advocating for green energy and trans-sexual propaganda.

So I think we can determine that the “ZOG” has not been good for Israeli territorial expansion.

Eliminating Israel’s Enemies

Has the presumed ZOG made Israel safer? The record is mixed. The Camp David Accords have indeed reconciled, even if only in a superficial way, between Israel and its erstwhile most powerful enemy. But Israel did lose its most prized territorial asset, denying itself any form of strategic depth, and awarded that prize to a failing garbage state that by now would have been no threat at all.

Has the “Peace Process” made Israel safer? Was it worth it to cede all that territory to the Palestinian proto-state? I think the answer is a resounding no. The importation of Arafat and the conferring of sovereignty on him and his people had unleashed the most gruesome wave of terrorism ever known in modernity. As a child of the 90s, I remember the blown-up busses in Jerusalem, the images of human flesh torn to pieces after suicide attacks, the axe murders, the sniper fire, the fear of crowded places.

After a short lull (thanks, Bibi), this thing detonated again in the early 2000s. Talk about what a real insurrection looks like… These horror, in fact, have never gone away. They’ve only upgraded a little from exploding busses to barrages of rockets, forcing half of Israel to occasionally find shelter.

Admittedly, in between all that, there had been Bush II’s war in Iraq, encouraged by very pro-Israel neocons in his Administration. Yes, that did help Israel. As an intelligence officer, I remember the “Iraqi threat” simply vanishing overnight.

So we have a ledger of peace with Egypt, the Iraqi threat eliminated, but strategic depth given away and Palestinian terrorism and rocket fire unleashed. If that’s all the ZOG can do to promote Israel’s interests, we need a better ZOG.

Beyond Censure

Is Israel beyond censure? It is true that Israel has a lobby that in some quarters, and seasonally, has much influence. But then there is the counter to that.

About 50% of the UN’s Human Rights Commission condemnations were specifically against Israel. The General Assembly and the Security Council also seem rather obsessed. Seriously, why do they care? I never quite understood.

The EU has been hectoring Israel for decades about its settlements, often with real teeth and impact on trade. For instance, here and here. Why does anybody in Stuttgart or Valencia care, I shall never know, I guess.

Idiotic academic associations (the Society for Gender Studies and whatnot) all occasionally declare boycotts on Israel while campuses in the Anglosphere, now filled with hyperactive Muslims, have become very hostile to any pro-Israel sentiment.

Does Israel try to counter this, sometimes very annoyingly through its lobbies and Hasbara babes? Sure. I wish their methods were more elegant. But it seems obvious to me that mainstream “informed” opinion, mainstream diplomacy, and the general sentiment of the EU, the leftist State Department, the UN, and other international forces are not pro-Israel at all.

What Is Succes?

If, on the other hand, the ZOG were successful, what would things look like? Well, try to apply historical definitions of success, triumph, and expansion to the present. If the ZOG were powerful and successful, then Israel would be an empire controlling a vast territory, devoid of national minorities, and immune to hectoring by the likes of John Kerry and Baroness Ashton.

The ROG, the Roman Occupation Government, had a whole Mediterranean empire. It wasn’t a dwarf state devoid of conquests, with only a few scattered villages around Alba Longa as a consolation prize, plus a little bit of money for good behavior from Carthage.

So I’m sorry, but to me, this specific cabal theory just doesn’t add up. Taken literally it doesn’t make sense at all. Go instead with the GAE or the Regime. If you need more convincing, think about it again next time your bus doesn’t explode.

P.S. This is a completely separate discussion from the one about the influence of leftist Jews, about which we have written extensively, for instance here.

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