The Left, supported by our hysterical media, has been accusing patriots and conservatives, ever since January, of an “insurrection.” I wrote elsewhere how as a soldier in Israel of the early 2000s, I have a more realistic view of what an insurrection is. The Second Intifada was not a gathering of weirdos in furry costumes, trespassing upon state property, but a lethal unleashing of exploding busses, ax attacks, and firebombs.

Yet there is an insurrection in America. Relentlessly, it corrodes, excoriates, attacks, and subverts the foundations of traditional America. Clearly, it is the ongoing assault of the Left on America’s legacy and institutions.

Remember the Romo Razor, every policy of the Left, is a tool serving the High Cause – the dismantlement of traditional America.

It works by using any issue at hand, regardless of the contradictions, to attack the settled communities of America and her Anglo-Western heritage. The heritage under attack is typically the family, the Bill of Rights, the nation’s monuments, and the nation’s self-perception as a proud, just home.

A few examples.

Black Crime

The criminality of American blacks is an obvious statistical fact. So obvious that even silly liberals with idiotic “BLM” signs in their yards know exactly into which neighborhoods they should not send Chloe and Parker trick or treating. Yet instead of responding to black crime with thoughtful social analysis, each and every instance is used as a weapon by which to bludgeon the settled people of America.

If a black man dies due to that community’s incessant friction with the police, the Left presents this as a sign of America’s “systemic racism.”

If blacks kill one another, however, it is a sure sign of the evils of the Bill of Rights, and in particular the 2nd Amendment. “Guns” are a public health crisis!

When blacks attack Asians or Jews, the tactic, like the burst of a loud act of flatulence, is initially to accuse “white supremacists,” then to let the whole thing dissipate within its own stench. And so, we had campaigns about “Stopping Asian Hate!” where American whites were accused of committing crimes they statistically never commit, only to then accuse whites of being so supremacist-y, that they even make blacks commit crimes against Asians. And then we sort of forgot about the whole thing.

Meaning, black crime is always in the service of sticking it to traditional America, one way or another.

Public Health

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey informs us that blacks and Hispanics are more likely to suffer from hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

Infant mortality too is higher among blacks (10.75 per 1000 black births vs. 4.63 per 1000 white births). This, we are told, can in no way be attributed to the same reasons black criminality is so much higher – a broken society crowding in dysfunctional ghettos – it has to be racism. And so, once more, traditional America, the one that gave the world the modern hospital, the MRI, the polio vaccine, and the best cancer research on earth, is being excoriated and put up for dismantlement.


The Left was very happy to quietly ignore the topic of immigration for many years. The Left’s sneaky act of defilement was committed in 1965, with the Immigration and Nationality Act. It was then that immigration into America had transitioned from a system preferring cultural compatibility, to a system giving preference to Third-World chain migration. Following that, for a few decades, the Left had been silent.

When suddenly, after 60 years, Americans have awakened to the erosion of their culture, the porousness of their borders, and the transformation of their home into a hybrid of Honduras and Bangladesh, the Left did find a few things to say. You guessed right! Rejecting mass immigration is “racist!”

Our immigration policy, as indiscriminating as it may be (“No room for you, Swedish doctor! Come on in Somali peasant!”) is a sign of “structural racism.” Our border officers are racists, and besides, the only reason the Third World is flocking into our home is due to our white supremacy and… racism. Indeed, Latin America would have been a Switzerland, or at least a Canada, if it weren’t for American racism.

Meaning, the whole topic, which in itself is a policy designed to nullify the America of our forefathers, has become a weapon by which to further punish Americans, and accuse all who dare to defend their home as fascists, white supremacists, islamophobes, and blasphemers.

The Great Insurrection

And so I present to you the Great Insurrection of the Left. A relentless cult of repudiation bent on destroying America’s past, confound her present, and denying her the future of a prosperous Western nation. Unlike the make-believe “insurrection” of January 6th, the Left’s insurrection uses real violence: Dare put up a Trump sign in your yard in Chicago; dare object your company’s diversity and equity training; dare ask the rioters in Portland, Minneapolis, or Seattle to keep in down.

The insurrection of the Left marches on.

A victim of the insurrection.

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