When Will They Ever Learn?

Let us visit this one.

Will leftist Jews ever learn? Perhaps now when their follies have become so obvious?

America’s leftist Jewish organizations (which amount to 70% or so of main Jewish organizations) have for decades now dedicated themselves to the worship and promotion of the Left’s twin flagship projects – BLM and mass immigration.

Well, how is that going? Beyond the conservative critique that these two projects are detrimental to the ancestral American polity, is their promotion even good for Jews?


Following the softening of police standards everywhere, we’ve had countless attacks on Orthodox Jews in New York. 67% of the attacks were committed by blacks. Naturally, we can’t talk about black criminality because it’s a racist and white supremacist thing to do, and Robin DiAngelo and your HR lady wouldn’t approve. But who cares about Orthodox Jews anyhow?

More in your face though, beyond the effect of the BLM movement, is what the BLM movement says and does.

Only recently, following the Kishinev-like attack on southern Israel by the Third World hordes of Hamas, BLM’s various chapters have expressed support of… Hamas. Fed by an idiotic Chandala-style Third World liberation ideology, BLM has naturally concluded that attacking Jews, like excoriating whites in America, is simply a form of fighting oppression.

Much of these posts were aped by various BLM chapters, then chimped out as street protests in America’s various cities.

Is that good for the Jews? Many Jewish organizations probably think so, because they all support BLM. For instance: the ADL, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Rabbinical Assembly, Bnai Brith, the Reform Union, and many more. Please dunk on them, links included.

Mass Immigration

Your average Honduran cares very little about Anne Frank and “Holocaust Awareness,” let alone your average Somali. So expect the shaming power of Jewish organizations to decrease in proportion to the browning of America. But regardless, has mass immigration been good for the Jews recently?

31 student organizations at Harvard (by the way, what is a student organization? While in college, I just used to do my homework and tried to behave well in class, but I’m very old-fashioned) have signed a notorious letter supporting Hamas. Very shameful, but more interestingly, what are these organizations and what kind of persons are the signers?

Well, the student organizations include the Harvard Nepali Society, the Palestinian Solidarity Committee, the Islamic Society, something called the “Ghungroo,” and several more non-Mayflower-themed groups.

Some of the above have thankfully retracted their support from the statement, once they realized it may not fly well with future employers.

And what kind of people are members of the signatory organizations? I am not a fan of doxxing, so I will not publish their names (you can easily find the lists online). Trust me that the student names don’t exactly sound like “Caroline Wentworth” or “John Dashwood.” In fact, they sound more like Tashfeena, Maleekah, Weesam, and Ahmed.

Surely these individuals and organizations hardly represent America’s historical white Christian core that the Left, including Jewish organizations, like to excoriate so enthusiastically. Well then, here you are and such are the results of your support of mass immigration.

Which imbecilic and resentful Jewish organizations support mass immigration? The same culprits. Again, please dunk on them.

The Golem Rises against its Creators

Jewish organizations, like a faithless and atheistic version of the Maharal of Prague, have contributed to the creation of a golem – the abomination of BLM and mass immigration. And now, through attacks, propaganda, violence, and chaos, the golem is rising against its creators. Not many Jewish parents, even liberal ones, would like to expose their children to the violent anti-Jewish propaganda on campuses. Not many Jews would like their elderly relatives to be exposed to wild pro-Hamas protests in America’s cities.

Face it, leftist Jews, your resentment towards historic America, or at best your starry-eyed idiotic utopianism, has unleashed mischief upon both America and America’s Jews. Time to fall on your knees and repent. Pray to the God of Israel to intermit the plague that needs must light on your deep degeneracy. It’s never too late to say I’m sorry.

Enjoy your new diverse friends! They may hate you, but at least they lack white privilege!