Not unlike Sauron, who poured all his skill, desire, and malice into the creation of the One Ring, I have poured my entire experience as an engineer, an immigrant, and a patriot into the rule presented below.

The question I attempt to answer is a pertinent one: What is the “right” number of immigrants we can absorb? Clearly, that depends on many things: Our ability to assimilate the immigrants, the immigrants’ background and culture, and obviously their numbers.

And so, I offer you THC’s Rule. The THC Rule proposes that our ability to assimilate newcomers is dependent on:

  1. The cultural distance (CD) of the immigrant from our own baseline culture (BC).
  2. The number (N) of immigrants.

And so, Assimilation (A) is a function of:

Meaning, the greater the cultural distance (CD), or the greater the number (N), the less assimilation we shall have.

It all makes perfect sense: We can probably easily absorb 500,000 Englishmen who will blend right in within less than a generation, but not so easily 500,000 Somalis who will continue down the path of erecting Sharia courts and sending their daughters on female-genital-mutilation summer camps.

Sauron. Another sad lesson on the perils of importing a foreign elite.

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