Following the Romo Rule of Assimilation and the Romo Razor, here’s another Romo rule: The rule of Semitic degeneration.

It is the sad dynamic by which Jewish leftism, despite ethnocentric stereotypes, always ends with hatred of the ancestral land of Israel.

It begins with the shameful embrace of abstract absolutes, such as “social justice, or “equity.” In the name of such absolutes, the restless Semite then turns on his (more often her) American neighbors: “Racists! Sexists! Waaa!”

Such abstractions then awaken a zeal to tear down the monuments of America, dismantle the American family, and destabilize American traditions, as they all fall short of the accursed utopia of social justice.

In Hebrew parlance, this social justice is referred to as “Tikkun Olam,” or the remaking the world. Indeed, like Jacobins, Bolsheviks, and Maoists before them, Jews demonically obsessed with “remaking the world” will happily deconstruct and destroy all obstacles in the path, if only to promote their hallucinations of diversity, intersectionality, and cosmic justice.

The hatred of one’s nation, one’s neighbors, and one’s nation’s heritage do not suffice, alas. By the logic of leftist absolutes, such Jews move backward through the concentric circles of loyalty. They attack their country and their nation first (America) then turn upon their own patrimony – the state of Israel.

The same abstractions of delusional justice and discordant diversity, are logically and easily turned towards the nation-state of Israel. And since it feels so close, like one’s own mother, it is attacked ever more ferociously.

And thus a complete reverse evolution occurs, or a degeneration: From social justice to America’s repudiation, to an onslaught on Israel.

Noam Chomsky, the babbling linguist, is a classic example. Peter Beinart, his low-IQ wannabe is another. And recently, something called the Tzedek Community in Chicago has joined the list. Tzedek in Hebrew means Justice. And this leftist Jewish organization, fully adorned with he/him/they/her types, is fully dedicated to every progressive and anti-American cliche: Equity, mass immigration, borderlessness, BLM (which is a blood libel against white Americans), and…

As of this week – Anti-Zionism.

This has caused a little Twitter storm, which was probably the intent. But I warn those Jews on the Left aghast with such sacrilege – this is your own fate. This is you in a not too long. Give it a few years and the deluded logic of leftism will carry you too like flotsam to the same fetid drain.

This is the 3rd Romo Rule: Jewish leftism always degenerates into Israel-hate.

Like rabid Pokemon, such is the evolution of the Semitic left.

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