Jews Behaving Badly

Get your tickets! Prepare your Vict-coin account! There’s a new rally in town!

To celebrate the ever-flowing sense of Jewish victimhood, all sorts of organizations are organizing an assembly in DC. Indeed, this could have been a rather innocuous, if myopic, gathering, if it weren’t for the sponsors and organizers.

Look at the list: 80% or so are frenzied tentacles of leftist propaganda, incessantly promoting mass immigration and the cult of BLM on their websites. To name a few: The ADL, the AJC, JDC, Union for Reform Judaism, the Rabbinical Council, the Jewish Federation, and more!

We know the trick. We’ve been documenting this for a while. It’s the permanent playbook of the ADL – masking incessant anti-Americanism, an ongoing assault on traditional America, behind a facade of commitment to the Jewish cause.

To paraphrase Roger Scruton’s seminal book, the Fools are the naifs lending their credibility to corrosive anti-Americanism, believing Jewish interests may somehow be served (e.g. the Republican Jewish Coalition, or Hadassah); the Frauds are those knowing very well what they’re doing, feigning concern for Jewish well-being while dedicating their entire existence to the repudiation and denunciation of America (e.g. the Jewish Democratic Council and the ADL).

But then we also have the true ideologues, the Cultists subverting the very being of traditional Judaism, transforming the ancient faith of Israel into a Marxist cult, preaching for ever-increasing levels of third-world immigration, for the defacement of American monuments, for the dismantlement of American traditions (“they were all founded by dead white males!”), and the abolishment of the American family (“it’s a white supremacist patriarchal institution!”). Those are of course the Rabbinical Assembly, the Reform Union, and a few others.

Needless to say, such demented leftism ends up badly hurting the Jews: Wokery is used to denounce “Jewish privilege” and “colonialism,” while mass immigration brings in Muslims who attack innocent Jews. And so, all the above, be they fools, or frauds, or cultists, shall receive a kick from Balaam’s donkey, and this week’s award of Jews Behaving Badly.

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