Depending on your frequency of checking Twitter, you may have noticed: A stormy feud is blowing between Douglas Murray and Pedro Gonzalez.

It began with a piece (which I shall intentionally not link here) scribed by Murray and published on Bari Weiss’s blog, accusing Gonzalez of antisemitism. Gonzalez’s sin? Commenting on Twitter on the “physiognomy” of one of the Rothschildren, due to that financial scion’s globalist views.

You know the drill, rich tired-looking Europeans of the Christine Lagarde type calling for more immigration, a “Great Reset,” a technocratic union, blah, blah, all while hitting the slopes at Davos. I’m assuming there are slopes at Davos.

Being a fan of Douglas Murray’s essays and books, I assume he loathes the Davos Man types as much as Gonzalez does. However, he was triggered (perhaps through Bari Weiss’s Delilah-like nagging) by the “physiognomy” comment, thus rushing to the defense of us Jews.

As the highest, most eminent Jewish authority, here are my thoughts:

A) Murray has betrayed his age. Like me, he is 42, and apparently not really up to date on what the kids are doing on them Twitters nowadays. Commenting on the “physiognomy” of leftists is somewhat of a thing: From AOC through angry Greta through Chuck Schumer and the Rothschildren. It is similar to these weird pictures one must have seen of vectors drawn to indicate people’s posture and alignment. I don’t really know what it means, children are to be seen not heard.

Bottom line, there is really nothing “antisemitic” about this trend of physiognomy comments. Mostly weirdness that both Douglas and I, despite our youthful ravishing looks, are too old to understand.

B) Even if Pedro did mean for his comment to pack some kosher salt, so what? The unfortunate reality of Jewish over-representation amongst leftist circles is nothing but obvious. This entire website is dedicated to the skewering of leftist Jews, for instance here, here, here, and here, in both English and Latin.

You can’t incessantly defecate on traditional America (as leftist Jews commonly do) then expect that nobody may notice. A physiognomy comment is a fairly benign way to indicate a notice has been taken.

And so, by the powers conferred upon me by the great I Am who neither sleeps nor slumbers as he watches over Israel, I grant Gonzalez a full, self-renewing, and imperishable license to make as many physiognomy comments as he may wish. I also urge Murray to apologize. As the quick minds of the Internet have already noticed, Murray himself is not without the sin of leaving a few crumbs of bitter gefilte-fish by the side of his mouth.


Also, uncharacteristically, Murray’s piece reeks of that journalistic genre called “Post-Journalistic Activism.” You know the kind, where the author sees no need to follow the facts or adhere to traditional Lois Lane standards of verifying the information. Instead, Murray made a few rather hysterical assumptions and decided not to bother with reaching out to Gonzalez himself. Perhaps that too is under the influence of Weiss, who as an ex-employee of the New York Times is well familiar with post-journalism.

I do wish to add that I generally take Murray to be one of the good guys. He was beloved by the late Roger Scruton, the greatest conservative thinker of our generation, and so this must be a mistake. As conservatives true to virtues old and new, those of Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance and Justice, but also Charity and Forgiveness, we should be able to recognize our mistakes, apologize, and show kindness.

So apologize, Douglas, and let’s not fight amongst us to the delight of the Left. The twin blasphemies are still here: Wokery and mass immigration.

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